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Mercedes Benz Brake Pad and Rotor Kit

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Mercedes Benz Brake Pad and Rotor Kit by Model


Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer of luxury vehicles. While the Mercedes name first appeared in 1926, Mercedes can trace its origin all the way back to 1886. Your Mercedes-Benz has been the best car you have owned up to now and proper maintenance of it has been a priority.

After all, you paid quite a hefty fee when you purchased it so it only makes sense that you would want to make sure it runs well. An important part of your Mercedes-Benz is going to be your Mercedes brakes. The brakes are often a part of most vehicles that gets overlooked until the damage is pretty severe and replacements are needed. Inside your brakes are going to be the rotors. Let’s have a look at your brake system, specifically the brake pads and brake rotors.

The brake pads in your Mercedes will be squeezed together by a part called the calipers. The calipers squeeze the brake pads against a rotor in order to create friction that retards the rotation of the shaft to reduce its speed or hold it stationary. The brake pads are converting the kinetic energy of the car into thermal energy through the friction they are creating. The friction surfaces will face the rotor so that the friction surfaces can make contact with the rotor when they are squeezed together. Your Mercedes brake pads will get worn down over time so it is important to check them so they are not scratching the brake rotor and damaging that.

The brake rotor is sort of shaped like a flat-bottomed bowl. The calipers and pads of the brake press against the side of the rotor when the brake is applied; this causes friction to stop your Mercedes. The rotor is designed so that heat produced by this process is evenly dispersed throughout the braking system so it will not overheat. Since the brake pads are applying friction against the brake rotor this causes them to wear down. If the pad has worn down to much and is scratching on the rotor then high pitched sound when the brake is applied may occur.

It is easy to check your Mercedes rotors and pads to see if they need to be changed. Like we mentioned above, after time these will wear down due to all the friction from using the brakes. If your brake pads wear below a quarter of an inch they need to be replaced. You can see your Mercedes pads and rotors through the space on the wheel. There you will be able to see how thick your brake pads are and how the rotors are looking.

Make sure to always get the proper Mercedes Benz disc brake pad and rotor kit. We offer guaranteed to fit brake pads and rotors for your Mercedes. You can replace your Mercedes brake pads and rotors yourself or take it to a mechanic.