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A motor car is defined by its ability to drive and move. It mainly has four wheels, one on every corner of the car. What no one thinks about and often take for granted, is how the wheel is connected to the car and what makes it rotate so it can safely drive you down the road. A wheel bearing and hub allow your wheel to stay in place and spin freely. Without them, for whatever reason, you're not going anywhere.

If you've been searching for a Nissan Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly, you're at the right place. A wheel bearing is just a bearing, only designed for a wheel. It's a metal ring with steel balls, allowing almost no friction. In this case, the wheel a next to free rotation with very little resistance. Because it's so delicate but made from metal, it has to be protected from heat as well as water, as they are the main enemies of anything made from metal. Bad or no lubrication can heat them up and destroy them, and the same goes for its sealing. Weak sealing lets water in and totally floods them, interfering with their normal function.

Your Nissan wheel hub along with the Nissan wheel bearings keep your wheels in place and spinning properly. Losing a wheel isn't fun, especially if you are on the highway. What's even less fun, is diagnosing a bad wheel bearing. The noise starts off quietly and can be hard to track down, but within a month it can become unbearable. It is most notably compared to a wheel rubbing on the fender. The problem can only be diagnosed when driving, so if you think you might have a bad wheel bearing when driving, make sure to check it out at a shop. The How-to section can offer more help with instructional articles and videos.

Nissan is one of Japan's largest car makers. It's headquartered in Nishiku, Japan. Since 1999, Renault has been its partner, with each company having stakes in the other, as well as having the same CEO, Carlos Ghosn. Nissan has other brands under them too. They sell their own cars under their brand, however they have a premium brand called Infinity, a second brand called Datsun and a performance division called NISMO, which stands for Nissan Motorsport. Nissan is the leading Japanese brand in the Chinese, Russian and Mexican markets. As you can see Nissan does pretty well for itself, despite its status in other large markets like the USA and Europe.

Nissan has one of the richest motorsports histories in the automotive industry, filled with racing heritage. Their tuning division NISMO has taken part in JTCC, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and 24 Hours of Daytona. They are actively participating in racing to this very day, by participating in the Super GT and FIA GT Championship. A great deal of their racing knowledge and expertise from racing has been implemented into their road cars and street technology, and into every Nissan Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly. Our blog is a great place to find out more information about Nissan and other car brands, as well as our products.

Sometimes replacing only wheel bearings can be time consuming and difficult, so replacing the entire assembly would be much better. A Nissan Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is available from us at the most affordable price. Contact Us for any questions without hesitation.