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Power Steering Pump Kit

Power Steering Pump Kit

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Power Steering Pump Kit by Vehicle Make

Power Steering Pump Kit

Power Steering Pump Kit

Power Steering Pump Kit

Power Steering Pump Kit

Sometimes it's preferable to repair a damaged power steering pump instead of opting for an entire power steering pump replacement. There are actually many reasons for this, the most important being cost. If the damage is not that serious, it's usually cheaper to rebuild the pump than to replace it. Just be sure that you get the right kit with complete parts, this should include smaller parts such as the seals and bearings. Also, be sure to choose the correct kit for your vehicle to guarantee a good fit. There are countless kits available today, and it's a good idea to compare them to see which is best for you. This is easy when you use the parts selector on the BuyAutoParts.com website.

Determining the type of power steering pump replacement your car needs should be the first thing on your list. Here are the three major types as well as some key points to consider for each.

Vane Power Steering Pump

This is the most commonly used version of power steering pumps and is recognizable by the vanes attached to the rotor and are usually contained inside an oval or elliptical-shape housing. This type of steering pump is common among car models from GM, Ford and BMW. Make sure that your replacement kit includes extra vanes in case you need to change any. Choose vanes that are carbon, metal, or Kevlar because these materials will last the longest.

Roller power steering pump

This type is usually found in SUVs and commercial vehicles. Roller power steering pumps, as the name suggests, employ rollers or balls which are mounted around the rotor. The roller pump housing is also elliptical so choose a kit with round washers and gaskets. Ballers or bearings should be included with the kit in case you need to change the old ones.

Slipper power steering pump

This type employs springs and slippers to create internal pressure. Slipper Power steering kits should include all necessary springs and the scrubbers. The gaskets and seals need to be round in shape to fit the circular pump.

Power Steering Pump Price

For most, the more important aspect will be power steering pump replacement cost. Choosing between new parts and older parts will play a huge role in determining the power steering pump replacement cost. A power steering pump rebuild can help you save money and most issues allow for the problem to be fixed with a repair kit.

The power steering pump cost is usually cheaper when you purchase a kit, the price range of these kits is from $15 to $40 depending on the brand. If you want a new power steering pump replacement expect to pay anywhere from $99 to $150. As a rule it's more expensive to replace power steering pumps than it is to repair them. The key is to choose whatever suits your budget.

Regardless of how you plan to fix your power steering pump, be sure to visit our comprehensive online catalog to find the right power steering pump replacement for your vehicle today!