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Toyota Fuel Pump Assembly by Model


Toyota is one of the largest automobiles companies in the world. Known for being one of the most reliable cars, this has made the brand a very popular one amongst consumers. You also knew this as well when you chose to purchase your Toyota Camry. An important part of your Toyota is the fuel pump. As you may be able to tell from the name, your Toyota fuel pump is what is going to be pumping the fuel from the tank to the engine so it is quite an essential part to get that Camry on the road. Let’s go ahead and learn a bit about the function of your Toyota fuel pump.

The Toyota fuel pump has a number of things that it is tasked with doing. The first of these will be to filter the fuel in a gas tank so that no debris gets into the pump. The second important task is to pump gas from the gas tank to the carburetor or fuel injection system. The last task that the Toyota fuel pump does is send information to the computer that controls the fuel level gauge. This gauge is what allows you to see how much gas is in your tank and when it’s time to get more gas.

Now we also need to consider if your Toyota has a mechanical fuel pump assembly or an electric pump. In a mechanical Toyota fuel pump assembly the fuel pump is working with the carburetor to send correct amounts of fuel to the engine. Whereas, in an electric Toyota fuel pump assembly the fuel pump is working with a fuel injector to get fuel to the engine. So both pumps accomplish the same task just using different components.

Since the fuel pump is important to the functioning of your Camry you will want to make sure that you know the signs of when it starts to malfunction. The first sign you want to look for is an engine sputter when driving at high speeds. This sputter can come on after you begin driving at high speeds and continue for a short while before going away. Another sign to look for is the vehicle losing power while it is accelerating. This happens because of the increased fuel that is needed for acceleration. Some other signs to look for are a sudden loss of power when your Toyota is under a lot of stress such as going up a hill or carrying a heavy load, surging, and the engine not starting, this is typically the most severe of these signs since there is no fuel reaching the engine at this point.

It is important to catch these signs early so that you do not get to the point where your Toyota will no longer start. If your Toyota fuel delivery system components are no longer properly functioning then let us help you pick the correct Toyota fuel pump assembly for your Camry. We carry all the equipment necessary to help you obtain your Toyota fuel pump assembly so you can get that fuel pump replaced before it leads to further repairs and more costs for you.