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A car’s ignition coil, often referred to as a spark coil, plays an important role in your car’s ignition system. It’s responsible for starting your car when you turn the key. It’s actually just an induction coil, designed for application in vehicles. A replacement Volkswagen Ignition Coil can be hard to come by, luckily we have the part you need exactly.

As mentioned, an ignition coil is designed for application in the ignition system. The task of the ignition coil is to transform low battery voltage into the multiple thousand volts required for spark that ignites the fuel. Ignition coils mainly take advantage of the internal resistor they have built in, while some use an external resistor. Both of them accomplish the same task of limiting the outgoing current from the car’s twelve volt battery.

The way that it operates is fairly simple. A single wire runs through the compartment and goes from the ignition coil and into the car’s distributor. This then, as the name suggests, distributes the high voltage via separate wires into individual spark plugs. These wires running to the spark plugs are called spark plugs wires sometimes, and are under constant high voltage. Newer cars use individual ignition coils for each individual cylinder. Although this is more complicated, the chance of a spark plug failure is virtually eliminated.

Diesels don’t need or use spark plugs. This is due to the fact that diesel isn’t as easily combustible as petrol and is more crude. Petrol (gasoline) needs a spark plug (a spark really) to ignite, and that is why each individual cylinder has a spark. Diesels use compression to heat the air/fuel mixture to the point of spontaneous combustion. Both are fossil fuels, but are really different in the way they ignite and compress.

Volkswagen is a globally recognized company. In fact, it’s the second largest car brand in the entire world. It’s also the main company in the VW Groupation. The Volkswagen Group is a holding company comprised of many others, such as VW, Skoda, Seat, and even high-end companies like Bentley and Porsche. VW trumps every other company when it comes to sales and reliability. It’s a known fact that their customer service is impeccable and second to none, and their cars are always dependable and reliable.

In our part range you can find a Volkswagen Ignition Coil for your Golf, Jetta, Passat or Tiguan. The list of cars we offer parts for is almost endless. All of them are at a guaranteed low price. In fact, they’re so low, you probably won’t find a lower price anywhere else. Backing this fact up is our one year warranty that covers you up to unlimited mileage within that first year.

For any further details or inquiries message us at any time. Search the blog for lots of interesting articles about Volkswagen and their products, as well as ours.