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Volvo Fuel Pump Assembly by Model


You have had your Volvo for many years. It is a trusted and reliable vehicle for you and your family. It has taken you on many road trips across the state. But on the way back from one of these trips you start to notice that your engine is sputtering especially when you get to higher speeds. The stutter comes and goes and then your Volvo runs normally again. You know this is not a good sign. You are correct in this assessment. This engine sputtering could be a sign that your Volvo fuel pump is malfunctioning and you may need to get a Volvo replacement fuel pump. In this article we will explore what a fuel pump does and the types of fuel pumps that exist.

Your Volvo fuel pump is part of your Volvo fuel system. It an essential component of the Volvo fuel system because it is what gets fuel to your engine. Your Volvo fuel pump assembly has three main purposes. The first is to filter the fuel in a gas tank so that no debris can get into the fuel pump. The second purpose is pumping fuel from the gas tank to either the carburetor or the fuel injection system. This will vary depending on the age of your car and on what type of Volvo fuel system you have. The third purpose of Volvo fuel pumps is to send information to the instrument cluster that gauges the fuel level; so that you can know how much gas there is in your fuel tank.

There are two types of Volvo fuel pumps you could have: a mechanical fuel pump or an electronic fuel pump. The first one we will discuss is the mechanical Volvo fuel pump. The Volvo fuel pump used to be norm not just in Volvos but also in other vehicles due to carburetors being used. But as the more advanced fuel injection system came about, the role of mechanical fuel pumps diminished. The mechanical fuel pump looks like a diaphragm and works through the rotation of the engine. The pumping action of the diaphragm shape is used to create low pressure in order to transport the fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor, similar to how a piston functions.

The electronic Volvo fuel pump is used due to having the fuel injection system. Since the mechanical pump cannot generate enough pressure to work with a fuel injection system the electronic fuel pump was created. The electronic fuel pump delivers fuel at high pressure to the fuel injection system and sprays a fine mist of fuel inside the engine’s chambers. It is operated through the computer control system. So if the computer control system were to malfunction so would your electronic fuel pump.

Since your Volvo fuel pump is such an important part of your Volvo fuel system you want to make sure to get it replaced when you see signs of malfunction before you can no longer start your Volvo. We have many options available to you when it comes to a Volvo replacement fuel pump so be sure to contact us today for low prices and quality parts!