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Category Archives: AC Compressor

Replacement AC Clutch vs AC Compressor

BuyAutoParts has a quality replacement AC compressor and clutch assembly for nearly every vehicle on the road. We frequently get questions asking about ordering just the compressor or A/C clutch on their own, because only one of them was diagnosed as needing replacement. The entire auto repair industry is moving away from that practice for…
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2006-2012 Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems

As the weather heats up this summer, you'll need to make sure that the air conditioning system in your Honda Civic is in proper working order for maximum comfort while commuting or on a road trip. But if you're having issues with the AC unit, they can be one of the most expensive repairs to…
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How Important is an AC Compressor?

March 19, 2013 - Is your AC compressor really that important? Well, that depends. Do you want to have cool air blowing in your vehicle? If your answer is yes, then yes, your AC compressor is that important. Think of it like this. This is the heart of your air conditioning (AC) system. Is your…
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AC Car Compressor Maintenance

February 8, 2013 - The AC Compressor is the component within the automobile that makes the air conditioning system tick within the car. How much of a life saver is it? Imagine being stuck in traffic in the beating sun, huffing and puffing like a dog, struggling for air, well, your AC Conditioner can make…
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Keep Your A/C Compressor Running

What happened this year when you went to turn on your A/C system for the first time in months? Did you receive a nice refreshing blast of cool air in your face? Or did you sit there and melt into your leather seats like you were in Zima commercial? A lot of people out there…
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