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Jack’s Auto Parts & Machine – Lake Havasu City, AZ

This month’s BuyAutoParts customer spotlight is Jack’s Auto Parts & Machine in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Located right by the tourist center of this vacation destination town, Jack’s is an independently-owned Carquest franchise that’s been locally owned and operated for 45 years, while still offering the entire catalog of a national chain, plus everything we…
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How Much Does a Ford Fusion Steering Rack Cost?

The Fusion is Ford’s entry in the formerly-competitive midsize sedan segment, competing against names like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata. While all versions of the Fusion seem to be well-regarded and well-reviewed, Ford announced in early 2019 that 2021 would be the final model year for the Fusion, with no replacement planned,…
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Vans Are Back!

It’s hard to determine what the heyday of the van truly was. A 1960’s VW Microbus full of hippies? A 1970’s “Heavy Chevy” with a wizard mural airbrushed on the side blasting an 8-track tape of Rush’s 2112? Or was it Chrysler essentially inventing the modern minivan in 1984, becoming the standard-issue family transport for…
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How Much Does a Chevy Cruze Catalytic Converter Cost?

The first indication that the catalytic converter in your Chevy Cruze may need replacement would be a check engine light and corresponding P0420 code. On most vehicles, this is a pretty straightforward diagnosis that we have outlined here. But the Cruze is a relatively new car, and this error seems to be most common between 80k…
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Shelter in Place: What About Your Car?

Look, we’re just as tired as you are of every company you’ve ever given your email address to reaching out with their COVID-19 plan. But your car is probably one of your most valuable assets and potentially the most valuable if you aren’t a homeowner. Given the potential economic fallout from this global crisis, taking…
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New from BuyAutoParts: Magnetic Shocks and Struts!

Like turbochargers and dual-clutch transmissions, active suspension is supercar technology that has finally made its way to more and more “normal” cars. While there are many different takes on it, from air springs to hydraulic sway bars, they all have the same idea; set the car up to ride comfortably 99% of the time, with…
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How to Find the Right Steering Rack and Pinion

Rebuilding steering rack and pinions is where our company started over 30 years ago, and it remains a core part of our product line. Since then, in addition to expanding the number of applications we carry steering gear for, we now also offer brand new rack and pinion assemblies with no core deposit or return…
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Saginaw 68/86 Power Steering Gearbox Buyer’s Guide

The Saginaw 68 and 86 are far and away our best-selling power steering gear boxes, most likely because of how many cars they were in and how many of those are still on the road. As you can tell from the names, the 68 and 86 are two different gearboxes, but in practice they are…
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How To Pick The Right Turbo For Your Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel

It’s true that everyone has their own brand loyalty, but when it comes to old Diesel pickups, the Dodge Ram Cummins seems to have the best hit rate. When it first became available for the 1989 model year, the Cummins 6BT blew away the competition such as the Detroit Diesel 6.2L and 6.5L in the…
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