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Category Archives: Engine Parts

Unique Parts for Hybrid Vehicles

While they used to be a unique oddity, hybrid cars have become exceedingly normal and mainstream. As the tech has become more widespread, costs have come down enough to make it a more rational purchase now than it was when early adopters were trading in a well-worn CRX HF for a funky-looking first generation Honda…
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Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel Fuel Injectors and FICMs

The Ford 6.0L PowerStroke diesel engine is a little controversial; it’s objectively more capable than the 7.3L it replaced, but a few reliability issues have tainted its reputation. The 6.0 is originally derived from the International/Navistar VT365, with a few changes made to repackage it into a pickup and make sure it met newer emissions…
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Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Fuel Injector Buyer’s Guide

The Ford 7.3L PowerStroke diesel engine has legendary reliability, but since these trucks are around 20 years old and most of them have 200,000 miles or more, a few repair bills here and there are to be expected. One of the more common repairs on these trucks is diesel fuel injector replacement. These were the…
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2001-2006 BMW 3-series Ignition Coil Failure

The engine compartment is a harsh environment on any vehicle. But in a high-performance German sport sedan like the BMW 3-series, it is even more so. And the incredible technology that these cars use to manage fuel delivery, timing, and ignition are often the components that break down most often. The heat, vibration, and moisture…
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4 Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems

    Fuel injection pump performance is closely tied to engine performance. If your vehicle has a fuel delivery issue, it will literally starve to death. Fuel injection problems, therefore, are one of the most pressing engine issues to deal with. Whether you’ve experienced fuel injector failure or not, it helps to understand the fuel…
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3 Quick Tips for Buying the Most Affordable Auto Parts

    Whenever you purchase auto parts, does it seem like your budget’s already taken a huge hit? Do you cringe whenever you leave the auto parts store with a water pump, alternator, exhaust pipe or other components? Has the dreaded “labor” part of the mechanic’s bill taken a backseat to your parts expenses? It’s…
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Mechanics 101: What is an Alternator?

    Ask a casual car enthusiast what an alternator is, and you’ll get one of the following five responses:   1)“It’s a type of battery.” 2)“It powers the car.” 3)“It runs one of those belts inside the engine.” 4)“Isn’t that the same thing as a battery?” 5)“To be honest, I have no idea.”  …
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What is a Cylinder Head?

October 16, 2012 - A cylinder head is the cover of a cylinder in internal combustions engines. A cylinder head sits on top of your engine’s cylinder block. By enclosing the top of the cylinders it forms combustion chambers. Cylinder heads play a major factor in generating horsepower and torque. The cylinder head is what…
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What Does a Knock Sensor Do?

Knock sensors are the units in vehicles that monitor the pinging in the motor and help control the timing of the engine. The computer uses the input from the knock sensor along with the O2 sensors and air fuel ratio sensor to adjust the timing and fuel mixture in the pistons. The engine in a…
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Why is the Radiator Fan So Important?

There are millions of people on the roads today and most of them understand the basic working of a car. The word “most” is the important part of that phrase. Most people know that a car is cooled by the radiator fan or the cooling fan but it may be shocking to know there are…
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