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How to Diagnose Car AC Compressor Failure

Air conditioning is something many people take for granted… until it stops working. It can be annoying if during a hot day, you reach down to crank up your AC and all that comes out is hot air. More importantly a bad compressor can be dangerous. If your compressor’s bearing goes bad, your engine can…
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Location of the Oxygen Sensor and Its bank

Introduction: The Oxygen Sensor, a part of the emission control system, is used to estimate the ratio of air and fuel in the engine's combustion chamber. The amount of oxygen in the exhaust is measured by the sensor and sent to the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU makes adjustments in the fuel injection to…
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How Much Does a Chevy Cruze Catalytic Converter Cost?

The first indication that the catalytic converter in your Chevy Cruze may need replacement would be a check engine light and corresponding P0420 code. On most vehicles, this is a pretty straightforward diagnosis that we have outlined here. But the Cruze is a relatively new car, and this error seems to be most common between 80k…
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Shelter in Place: What About Your Car?

Look, we’re just as tired as you are of every company you’ve ever given your email address to reaching out with their COVID-19 plan. But your car is probably one of your most valuable assets and potentially the most valuable if you aren’t a homeowner. Given the potential economic fallout from this global crisis, taking…
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How To Replace A Turbocharger

At one point, turbochargers were a cool new unexplored technology. Putting a turbo onto an early Porsche 911 turned your dentist’s car into an infamous snap-oversteer death machine. Mitsubishi was so proud of the Starion ESI-R that they covered the interior in now-fantastically-dated TURBO logos. The Ford Mustang SVO dropped the iconic “five liter” V8…
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    Your vehicle’s transmission and driveline are what connect the engine to the wheels. The engine and wheels will naturally spin at different speeds depending on how fast the vehicle is traveling; the transmission is in the middle to make sure they mesh together. As you can imagine, this means a lot of stress…
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While they can run forever when properly taken care of, today’s diesel engines are much more complex than they used to be, and can be very maintenance-intensive. One big repair looming in the back of most diesel owner’s minds is the almost certainty of fuel delivery issues at some point in the vehicle’s life. In-tank…
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Sanden AC Compressor Service Operations Oil Change

SERVICE OPERATIONS GENERAL INFORMATION: General Service Information: It is recommended that a new receiver-drier or accumulator-drier be installed if a compressor is replaced or a repair is made. 1. Keep dirt and foreign material from getting on or into the compressor of the A/C system. The area around A/C hose fittings should be carefully cleaned…
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The Complete Guide to Brake Maintenance

The term “car maintenance” can be dissected a thousand different ways. Underneath this umbrella identifier, all sorts of different maintenance protocols exist. You’ve heard of engine maintenance – change your oil, check those fluids, keep an eye on that dashboard for weird-looking warning lights. Then there’s tire maintenance – regular rotations, proper inflation and more.…
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What is Air Suspension?

What is air suspension?   As a starting point, it is important to discuss what is air suspension and how does it differ from traditional suspension systems? The main difference between a traditional shock or strut is that they have a dampening mechanism set to a certain ride control feel while an air suspension system…
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