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Category Archives: Videos #Fixaride Video Contest Winner Announced

When we announced our #FixARide contest a few weeks back, we had no idea how many people would give it a go. Our competition encouraged anyone in need of car repairs to plead their case as to why they deserved $750 in parts and repairs. As it turned out, we received more entries than originally…
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Car Needs a Little Care? Let BAP Help with the #FixARide Video Contest

If you think your car has no chance of winning a contest, think again., your #1 online parts supplier, has just announced a unique competition.  Do you know someone who could use a little help getting their car back on the road? How about your own automobile – have the miles been unkind? No…
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Dash Cams: Are They Worth the Investment?

YouTube has recently been blasted with crazy dashboard surveillance camera videos, mainly from Russian motorists. It’s become so popular in Russia that nearly 1 in 3 drivers have one installed in their car. The most insane video that I’ve seen recently was a head-on collision between a motorcyclist and an SUV. The video almost seemed…
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Rare NBA Car Commercials

June 6, 2014 - With the start of the NBA Finals I tried to think of some of my favorite car commercials featuring NBA stars. Like most people, I enjoy all the Blake Griffin Kia advertisements. Like this one that features him going back in time to tell a younger version of himself to keep…
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