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How to Add Power Steering to Your Classic Car

Adding power steering is a very popular modification for older vehicles, most notably old trucks or muscle cars. These vehicles usually have large V8 engines that put a lot of weight over the front wheels, and the trucks often have large, heavy off-road tires that further exacerbate the problem. Power steering reduces the amount of…
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Top Ten Celebrity Gearheads

Think “gearhead,” and you probably come up with images of blue-collar guys working on cars. And grease – plenty of grit and grime. What most people DON’T associate the term “gearhead” with are celebrities. For some reason, we all think that wealth and fame automatically excludes a certain segment of the population from the everyday…
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5 Best Blogs to Follow About Classic Car Parts

After baseball, classic cars might be America’s favorite pastime. We just can’t seem to let go of those classic rides. Not only that, cars from the Golden Age of American auto production – most models from the 1930s through the 1970s – get more TLC than our daily commuters.  One notable “subculture” of the classic…
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