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How We Rebuild Hard-To-Find Parts

While we pride ourselves on our extensive catalog and ability to source some hard-to-find components for older vehicles, some vehicles are so obscure that finding a reliable source for parts can be challenging. With a particular focus on turbos, superchargers and steering components, we try to find as many good, rebuildable cores as we can,…
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Why Are Superchargers So Expensive? Find Affordable Superchargers at

Superchargers are one of the best ways to increase your engine’s horsepower and performance. Unlike turbochargers, which are powered by exhaust gases, superchargers are driven directly by the engine. That’s one reason superchargers tend to be more expensive than turbochargers. But there are other factors involved. This article will look at supercharger costs, along with…
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Turbochargers vs Superchargers: The Great Debate

Although the supercharger was invented only a few short years before the turbocharger, they’ve come to represent the familiar poles of technological innovation. The supercharger, with its elegant simplicity and ubiquitous applications in everything from lawnmowers to jet planes, stands for the tried-and-true. The turbocharger, seeming more clever than smart, plays the overeager disruptor. It’s…
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5 Ways You’re Ruining your Intercooler System

We’ve all heard it before, “with great power, comes great responsibility,” and whether you’re swinging from sky-scrapers in the big city or supercharging your car—the maxim holds true! One of the unique aspects of owning a car fitted for extra power is the extra maintenance needed. If you’re not keeping an eye on the areas…
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