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How to Delete Power Steering From Your Fox-Body Mustang

The Fox-Body Mustang is having a collector car moment right now, probably due to nostalgia, but also because the cars were so undervalued for so long. They’re relatively light, plentiful on Craigslist, and the aftermarket is huge, so you can make it whatever you want; not to mention all the other cars on the Fox…
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How to Add Power Steering to Your Classic Car

Adding power steering is a very popular modification for older vehicles, most notably old trucks or muscle cars. These vehicles usually have large V8 engines that put a lot of weight over the front wheels, and the trucks often have large, heavy off-road tires that further exacerbate the problem. Power steering reduces the amount of…
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ZF Buys TRW, Becomes World’s Second Largest Auto Parts Manufacturing Company

The automotive parts industry has been rocked by a Comcast – TWC type merger that will shift the landscape of the largest auto parts makers in the world. ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a German company based in Friedrichsafen, completed the purchase of the American auto part manufacturer TRW Automotive Holding Corporation several weeks ago for $11.7…
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