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The brake mechanism in a car helps stop the vehicle when the brake pedal is pressed. There are various components associated with the brake mechanism including the brake rotor, caliper and pads. Along with these parts, the brake master cylinder and slave cylinder help the pressurized hydraulic fluid flow to the calipers. The piston in the caliper forces the brake pads against the rotor to create friction, thereby slowing down or stopping the wheels of the vehicle. The brake system requirements for standard and motorsport automobiles are different. For sport vehicles, the brake system needs to be more prompt upon the pressing of the brake pedal and it generates a lot of friction. To cater to the requirements for racing automobiles, high-performance brake system components are needed. Some modern street cars also use high-performance brake systems.


Hawk Performance is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance brake mechanism parts including brake rotors, pads and calipers. The brand's brake parts are used in a wide range of racing applications. The brake pads produced by Hawk Performance are offered for a range of light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. The brand’s line of SuperDuty brake pads are built for class 2 and higher on-highway commercial trucks where the brake system is subjected to more friction. The High Performance Street disc brake pads provide 20-40% increased stopping power than standard brake pads. These pads provide good resistance towards fading, as well.


The company's LTS brake compounds are manufactured exclusively for truck applications. They are made of Ferro-Carbon friction material to prolong the life of the pads. They offer an effortless braking experience with minimal noise and reduce the braking distance considerably. The brand uses the Performance Ceramic compound to reduce the noise and vibration while braking. This compound also assists with the working of the ABS system as it has a linear friction profile. The key qualities of Performance Ceramic brake pads include reduced rotor wear and lowered dust output. This compound is designed for use in luxury automobiles, sports trucks and vans.

The Sector 27 brake rotors offered by the brand are produced to lower the high braking temperature and give an excellent braking performance. These rotors are also efficient in keeping dust and gas away from the rotors during braking. The Sector 27 rotors are coated with a layer of silver zinc to ensure a longer life. All Hawk Performance parts are built to give an exact-fit for all applications.


The brand has a team of racers who participate in various events including Indy Car, V8 Supercar Series and Off Road Desert Racing. Hawk Performance also manufactures compounds to meet the requirements of Pavement Circle Track Racing, Drag Racing, Sports Car / GT and Rally Racing. is a proud carrier of Hawk Performance's brake parts and accessories at the lowest prices. If you are looking for a brake system that provides a decreased stopping distance, increased performance and lesser wear, Hawk Performance is the best brand for you. Install Hawk Performance parts in your truck, car or SUV and enjoy the ultimate braking performance.