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Superchargers in an automotive engine system aid in improving the horsepower generated by the engine. Driven by the engine itself via the crankshaft, superchargers have come a long way since their inception. The kinds of superchargers include root, twin-screw and centrifugal types. Modern vehicles use turbochargers instead of superchargers.


Sprintex Limited is a renowned manufacturer of superchargers which has its headquarters in Perth, Australia. It supplies superchargers to various regions in North America and Asia. Sprintex's office in the USA is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The brand, previously known by the name ATG Automotive Technology Group Limited, was the first company to produce patented twin-screw superchargers. These superchargers formed the basis for various advancements in the supercharger systems today. The twin-screw supercharger comprises two helical-lobed rotors that are meshed and spin against one another to create chambers. The air flows via these chambers and gets compressed. This compressed air, when allowed to enter the engine, requires more fuel to be added in the chamber. This is the mechanism behind the increased horsepower in the engine.


Each vehicle may have different requirements for a supercharger, be it variations in size or horsepower. The engine system may also have a certain level of horsepower, which if exceeded could damage them. Sprintex’s knowledge of these constraints has led to the development of custom-specific superchargers for a wide range of automobiles. The superchargers are of the bolt-on variety and are built to fit various applications with easy installation procedures.


The current range of superchargers offered by the brand includes S5-100, S5-150, S5-210 and S5-335. In addition to producing superchargers, Sprintex offers supercharger accessories including extensions, pulleys and bypass valves. The custom-specific line of supercharger systems manufactured by the brand is provided for vehicles including BMW Mini Cooper S, Honda Z, Honda Jazz and Jeep JK Wrangler. These supercharger systems also incorporate an intercooler mechanism in them. Intercoolers reduce the temperature of the compressed air flowing into the engine from the supercharger. This has two main advantages: lowering the temperature of the compressed air results in better combustion, and removing the heat prevents the engine components from wearing out prematurely.

Sprintex is known for producing exceptional superchargers that produce a significant increase in the power. They also eliminate the lag and generate lesser discharge temperatures and greater volumetric efficiency. These features of Sprintex superchargers make them superior to standard superchargers. With an excellent team of professionals, the brand continues to offer top-quality superchargers in the industry. With their state-of-the-art machinery, the company produces highly-precise superchargers that deliver more torque, especially in lower RPMs. All Sprintex superchargers carry a warranty. offers Sprintex superchargers at unbeatable prices. We are proud to be a distributor of Sprintex superchargers. You can choose the right Sprintex supercharger for your car from our “Shop Sprintex Parts” section. To get to know more about our services and car parts, you can make a call to our toll-free support line or drop us an email. Our US-based customer service department is available from Monday through Friday, 9AM to 8PM, EST. We are committed to customer satisfaction and our outstanding online reviews prove this!