Yukon Dura Grip: Positraction


The Yukon Dura Grip is an example of the popular clutch plate limited slips that appeared as OE equipment. Steel clutch plates, half of which are covered with a friction lining material, are sandwiched behind the differential side gears inside the carrier housing. These plates are alternately tabbed to the carrier or splined to the axle shaft. The tabbed pieces are called plates and the splines are called discs. The side gears are preloaded with springs placed between the side gears. This preload provides greater traction to both axles. In a turning situation, the Dura Grip allows a speed differential mostly because the torque load will be low enough to allow the differential to operate.


When you purchase a Dura Grip, it is recommended to change out all of the bearings, shims and seals in the differential. We carry a carrier installation kit that will include new carrier bearings and shims to insure optimal performance of the Dura Grip and make the installation easier. We also carry complete Differential Installation Kits as the most beneficial alternative option since it will replace all of thenecessary bearings, shims and seals in the differential.

Yukon Dura Grip Benefits


• Aggressive 4 spring, composite clutch style positraction
• Provides smooth operation iwth strong lock-up ability to transfer torque to the tire with the most traction
• Internal gears are manufactured using forged 4320 steel to increase strength and resilience
• Rebuildable, which enables you to modify or repair normal wear without having to incur the cost of a brand new unit
• Customizable by application
• Tested and assembled in the USA!