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1974 Ford Maverick


(BuyAutoParts 31-00656AN BuyAutoParts New)

1974 Ford Maverick Alternator 1974 Ford Maverick Alternator
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1974 Ford Maverick Alternator
SKU: 31-00656 AN
Fits: 5.0L Engine
Fits: 5.0L Engine
1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
Additional warranty options available*  
1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty FREE 5 Year Extended Unlimited Mileage Warranty $23.16 Lifetime Unlimited Mileage Warranty $38.60
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Also Guaranteed to Fit A 1974 Ford Maverick

Interchange Part Numbers

13100656-101 13100656-102 13100656-103 13100656101 13100656102 13100656103 D0HF-10300-D D0HF10300D
D0TF-10300-K D0TF-10346-B D0TF10300K D0TF10346B D0TZ-10346-C D0TZ10346C D0UF-10300-A D0UF10300A
D1AF-10300-AA D1AF10300AA D20F-10300-CB D20F-10300-EB D20F10300CB D20F10300EB D22F-10300-BA D22F10300BA
Click here for a full list +
D2AF-10300-CB D2AF10300CA D2AF10300CB D2DF-10300-AB D2DF-10300-AC D2DF10300AB D2DF10300AC D2HF-10300-AA
D2HF-10300-AB D2HF-10300-AC D2HF10300AA D2HF10300AB D2HF10300AC D2OF-10300-CA D2OF-10300-CB D2OF-10346-CA
D2OF10300CA D2OF10300CB D2OF10346CA D2TF-10300-EA D2TF-10300-EB D2TF-10300-EC D2TF-10346-BA D2TF10300EA
D2TF10300EB D2TF10300EC D2TF10346BA D2TZ-10346-B D2TZ-10346-BA D2TZ10346B D2TZ10346BA D2UF-10300-AA
D2UF-10300-AB D2UF-10300-AC D2UF10300AA D2UF10300AB D2UF10300AC D30F-10300-BA D30F10300BA D32F-10300-BA
D32F10300BA D3DF-10300-AA D3DF-10300-CA D3DF10300AA D3DF10300CA D3HF-10300-DA D3HF10300DA D3OF-10300-EA
D3OF10300EA D3UF-10300-AA D3UF10300AA D40F-10300-BA D40F-10300-DA D40F10300BA D40F10300DA D42F-10300-BA
D42F10300BA D4AF-10346-AA D4AF10346AA D4DF-10300-AA D4DF10300AA D4OF-10300-DA D4OF-10300-DF D4OF-10346-AA
D4OF10300DA D4OF10300DF D4OF10346AA D4OZ-10346-A D4OZ10346A D4UF-10300-AA D4UF10300AA D5AF-10300-CA
D5AF-10300-DA D5AF-10300-EA D5AF-10300-FA D5AF-10300-GA D5AF-10300-HA D5AF-10300-JA D5AF-10300-KA D5AF-10300-LA
D5AF-10346-BA D5AF-10346-CA D5AF10300CA D5AF10300DA D5AF10300EA D5AF10300FA D5AF10300GA D5AF10300HA
D5AF10300JA D5AF10300KA D5AF10300LA D5AF10346BA D5AF10346CA D5AZ-10346-A D5AZ-10346-B D5AZ10346A
D5AZ10346B D6FF-10300-BA D6FF-10300-CA D6FF10300BA D6FF10300CA D7AF-10300-AA D7AF-10300-BA D7AF-10300-CA
D7AF-10300-DA D7AF-10300-EA D7AF-10300-FA D7AF-10300-GA D7AF-10300-HA D7AF-10300-JA D7AF-10300-KA D7AF-10300-LA
D7AF-10346-AA D7AF-10346-BA D7AF-10346-CA D7AF10300AA D7AF10300BA D7AF10300CA D7AF10300DA D7AF10300EA
D7AF10300FA D7AF10300GA D7AF10300HA D7AF10300JA D7AF10300KA D7AF10300LA D7AF10346AA D7AF10346BA
D7AF10346CA D7AZ-10346-A D7AZ-10346-B D7AZ-10346-C D7AZ10346A D7AZ10346B D7AZ10346C D7TF-10300-AA
D7TF-10300-BA D7TF-10300-CA D7TF10300AA D7TF10300BA D7TF10300CA D8BF-10300-AA D8BF-10300-BA D8BF-10300-CA
D8BF-10346-AA D8BF-10346-BA D8BF10300AA D8BF10300BA D8BF10300CA D8BF10346AA D8BF10346BA D8VF-10346-AA
D8VF10346AA D8ZE-10300-CA D8ZE10300CA D8ZF-10300-AA D8ZF-10300-BA D8ZF-10300-CA D8ZF-10300-EA D8ZF-10300-HA
D8ZF-10346-AA D8ZF10300AA D8ZF10300BA D8ZF10300CA D8ZF10300EA D8ZF10300HA D8ZF10346AA D94F-10300-AA
D94F10300AA D9AF-10300-BA D9AF10300BA D9BZ-10346-A D9BZ-10346-B D9BZ10346A D9BZ10346B D9HT-10300-DA
D9HT-10300-EA D9HT10300DA D9HT10300EA D9UF-10300-AA D9UF-10300-BA D9UF-10300-CA D9UF-10300-DA D9UF10300AA
D9UF10300BA D9UF10300CA D9UF10300DA D9VF-10300-AA D9VF-10346-AA D9VF10300AA D9VF10346AA D9VY-10346-A
D9VY-10346-AA D9VY-10346-B D9VY10346A D9VY10346AA D9VY10346B D9ZF-10300-AA D9ZF-10346-AA D9ZF10300AA
D9ZF10346AA D9ZZ-10346-A D9ZZ10346A E0SF-10300-AA E0SF10300AA E0TF-10300-AA E0TF10300AA E1AF-10300-CA
E1AF10300CA E1BF-10300-AA E1BF-10300-HA E1BF-10346-AA E1BF-10346-BA E1BF10300AA E1BF10300HA E1BF10346AA
E1BF10346BA E1BZ-10346-B E1BZ10346B E1EF-10300-FB E1EF-10300-JA E1EF-10300-LA E1EF-10300-MA E1EF10300FB
E1EF10300JA E1EF10300LA E1EF10300MA E1GF-10346-EA E1GF10346EA E1HT-10300-AA E1HT-10300-BA E1HT10300AA
E1HT10300BA E1TF-10300-AA E1TF10300AA E1ZF-10300-AA E1ZF-10300-BA E1ZF-10300-CA E1ZF-10300-DA E1ZF-10300-FA
E1ZF-10346-AA E1ZF10300AA E1ZF10300BA E1ZF10300CA E1ZF10300DA E1ZF10300FA E1ZF10346AA E1ZZ-10346-A
E1ZZ10346A E27F-10300-AA E27F-10300-BA E27F10300AA E27F10300BA E2BF-10300-AA E2BF10300AA E2GZ-10346-C
E2GZ10346C E37F-10300-BA E37F-10300-CA E37F-10300-DA E37F10300BA E37F10300CA E37F10300DA E3EF-10300-BA
E3EF-10346-BA E3EF10300BA E3EF10346BA E3TF-10300-BA E3TF10300BA E3ZF-10300-BA E3ZF-10300-EA E3ZF10300BA
E3ZF10300EA E47F-10300-AA E47F-10300-BA E47F-10300-CA E47F10300AA E47F10300BA E47F10300CA E4TF-10300-AA
E4TF-10300-BA E4TF-10300-CA E4TF10300AA E4TF10300BA E4TF10300CA E4UF-10300-AA
About this item

This is a BuyAutoParts Alternator (Note: BuyAutoParts New). This Alternator is guaranteed to fit your 1974 Ford Maverick . SKU number 31-00656 AN

Guaranteed high quality exact fit replacement alternator.

Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Part Type Alternator
SKU 31-00656 AN
Brand BuyAutoParts
Part Number 31-00656AN
Type BuyAutoParts New
Condition New
Fit Type EXACT
FREE 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
More Information
Additional warranty options available at checkout  
1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty FREE 5 Year Extended Unlimited Mileage Warranty $23.16 Lifetime Unlimited Mileage Warranty $38.60
Weight 10.22 Pounds
Box Dimensions Height: 7.00"
Length: 9.00"
Width: 7.50"
UPC 193331075653
Vehicle Fitment
1974 Ford Maverick 5.0L Engine
1978 AMC AMX 5.0L Engine - w/ 1 Groove Pulley
1978 AMC AMX 5.0L Engine - w/ 2 Groove Pulley
1978 AMC Concord 5.0L Engine - Std - w/ AC
Click here for a full list +
Guaranteed Exact Fit for OEM #: 13100656-101, 13100656-102, 13100656-103, 13100656101, 13100656102, 13100656103, D0HF-10300-D, D0HF10300D, D0TF-10300-K, D0TF-10346-B, D0TF10300K, D0TF10346B, D0TZ-10346-C, D0TZ10346C, D0UF-10300-A, D0UF10300A, D1AF-10300-AA, D1AF10300AA, D20F-10300-CB, D20F-10300-EB, D20F10300CB, D20F10300EB, D22F-10300-BA, D22F10300BA, D2AF-10300-CA, D2AF-10300-CB, D2AF10300CA, D2AF10300CB, D2DF-10300-AB, D2DF-10300-AC, D2DF10300AB, D2DF10300AC, D2HF-10300-AA, D2HF-10300-AB, D2HF-10300-AC, D2HF10300AA, D2HF10300AB, D2HF10300AC, D2OF-10300-CA, D2OF-10300-CB, D2OF-10346-CA, D2OF10300CA, D2OF10300CB, D2OF10346CA, D2TF-10300-EA, D2TF-10300-EB, D2TF-10300-EC, D2TF-10346-BA, D2TF10300EA, D2TF10300EB, D2TF10300EC, D2TF10346BA, D2TZ-10346-B, D2TZ-10346-BA, D2TZ10346B, D2TZ10346BA, D2UF-10300-AA, D2UF-10300-AB, D2UF-10300-AC, D2UF10300AA, D2UF10300AB, D2UF10300AC, D30F-10300-BA, D30F10300BA, D32F-10300-BA, D32F10300BA, D3DF-10300-AA, D3DF-10300-CA, D3DF10300AA, D3DF10300CA, D3HF-10300-DA, D3HF10300DA, D3OF-10300-EA, D3OF10300EA, D3UF-10300-AA, D3UF10300AA, D40F-10300-BA, D40F-10300-DA, D40F10300BA, D40F10300DA, D42F-10300-BA, D42F10300BA, D4AF-10346-AA, D4AF10346AA, D4DF-10300-AA, D4DF10300AA, D4OF-10300-DA, D4OF-10300-DF, D4OF-10346-AA, D4OF10300DA, D4OF10300DF, D4OF10346AA, D4OZ-10346-A, D4OZ10346A, D4UF-10300-AA, D4UF10300AA, D5AF-10300-CA, D5AF-10300-DA, D5AF-10300-EA, D5AF-10300-FA, D5AF-10300-GA, D5AF-10300-HA, D5AF-10300-JA, D5AF-10300-KA, D5AF-10300-LA, D5AF-10346-BA, D5AF-10346-CA, D5AF10300CA, D5AF10300DA, D5AF10300EA, D5AF10300FA, D5AF10300GA, D5AF10300HA, D5AF10300JA, D5AF10300KA, D5AF10300LA, D5AF10346BA, D5AF10346CA, D5AZ-10346-A, D5AZ-10346-B, D5AZ10346A, D5AZ10346B, D6FF-10300-BA, D6FF-10300-CA, D6FF10300BA, D6FF10300CA, D7AF-10300-AA, D7AF-10300-BA, D7AF-10300-CA, D7AF-10300-DA, D7AF-10300-EA, D7AF-10300-FA, D7AF-10300-GA, D7AF-10300-HA, D7AF-10300-JA, D7AF-10300-KA, D7AF-10300-LA, D7AF-10346-AA, D7AF-10346-BA, D7AF-10346-CA, D7AF10300AA, D7AF10300BA, D7AF10300CA, D7AF10300DA, D7AF10300EA, D7AF10300FA, D7AF10300GA, D7AF10300HA, D7AF10300JA, D7AF10300KA, D7AF10300LA, D7AF10346AA, D7AF10346BA, D7AF10346CA, D7AZ-10346-A, D7AZ-10346-B, D7AZ-10346-C, D7AZ10346A, D7AZ10346B, D7AZ10346C, D7TF-10300-AA, D7TF-10300-BA, D7TF-10300-CA, D7TF10300AA, D7TF10300BA, D7TF10300CA, D8BF-10300-AA, D8BF-10300-BA, D8BF-10300-CA, D8BF-10346-AA, D8BF-10346-BA, D8BF10300AA, D8BF10300BA, D8BF10300CA, D8BF10346AA, D8BF10346BA, D8VF-10346-AA, D8VF10346AA, D8ZE-10300-CA, D8ZE10300CA, D8ZF-10300-AA, D8ZF-10300-BA, D8ZF-10300-CA, D8ZF-10300-EA, D8ZF-10300-HA, D8ZF-10346-AA, D8ZF10300AA, D8ZF10300BA, D8ZF10300CA, D8ZF10300EA, D8ZF10300HA, D8ZF10346AA, D94F-10300-AA, D94F10300AA, D9AF-10300-BA, D9AF10300BA, D9BZ-10346-A, D9BZ-10346-B, D9BZ10346A, D9BZ10346B, D9HT-10300-DA, D9HT-10300-EA, D9HT10300DA, D9HT10300EA, D9UF-10300-AA, D9UF-10300-BA, D9UF-10300-CA, D9UF-10300-DA, D9UF10300AA, D9UF10300BA, D9UF10300CA, D9UF10300DA, D9VF-10300-AA, D9VF-10346-AA, D9VF10300AA, D9VF10346AA, D9VY-10346-A, D9VY-10346-AA, D9VY-10346-B, D9VY10346A, D9VY10346AA, D9VY10346B, D9ZF-10300-AA, D9ZF-10346-AA, D9ZF10300AA, D9ZF10346AA, D9ZZ-10346-A, D9ZZ10346A, E0SF-10300-AA, E0SF10300AA, E0TF-10300-AA, E0TF10300AA, E1AF-10300-CA, E1AF10300CA, E1BF-10300-AA, E1BF-10300-HA, E1BF-10346-AA, E1BF-10346-BA, E1BF10300AA, E1BF10300HA, E1BF10346AA, E1BF10346BA, E1BZ-10346-B, E1BZ10346B, E1EF-10300-FB, E1EF-10300-JA, E1EF-10300-LA, E1EF-10300-MA, E1EF10300FB, E1EF10300JA, E1EF10300LA, E1EF10300MA, E1GF-10346-EA, E1GF10346EA, E1HT-10300-AA, E1HT-10300-BA, E1HT10300AA, E1HT10300BA, E1TF-10300-AA, E1TF10300AA, E1ZF-10300-AA, E1ZF-10300-BA, E1ZF-10300-CA, E1ZF-10300-DA, E1ZF-10300-FA, E1ZF-10346-AA, E1ZF10300AA, E1ZF10300BA, E1ZF10300CA, E1ZF10300DA, E1ZF10300FA, E1ZF10346AA, E1ZZ-10346-A, E1ZZ10346A, E27F-10300-AA, E27F-10300-BA, E27F10300AA, E27F10300BA, E2BF-10300-AA, E2BF10300AA, E2GZ-10346-C, E2GZ10346C, E37F-10300-BA, E37F-10300-CA, E37F-10300-DA, E37F10300BA, E37F10300CA, E37F10300DA, E3EF-10300-BA, E3EF-10346-BA, E3EF10300BA, E3EF10346BA, E3TF-10300-BA, E3TF10300BA, E3ZF-10300-BA, E3ZF-10300-EA, E3ZF10300BA, E3ZF10300EA, E47F-10300-AA, E47F-10300-BA, E47F-10300-CA, E47F10300AA, E47F10300BA, E47F10300CA, E4TF-10300-AA, E4TF-10300-BA, E4TF-10300-CA, E4TF10300AA, E4TF10300BA, E4TF10300CA, E4UF-10300-AA