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Vehicle Mirrors

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How To Select The Right Mirror:


1. Identify the year, make and model of the car or truck.


Pay attention if the vehicle is a special edition such as “LE Model” or “Sport Edition”. Also, there may be differences between two-door and four-door models as well as convertibles.


2. Determine how the mirror is adjusted.


Manual mirrors require the mirror to be adjusted from outside the car. Either the entire mirror head or just the glass is adjusted by hand to the desired position.


Manual Remote mirrors are adjusted from inside the vehicle with a lever or cable. The adjustment point is usually located just inside the window or in the door panel.


Power mirrors have an electrical connection to the mirror. There is a control mechanism located in the driver's door panel in the center console. Power mirrors have many options. Choosing the correct options for the vehicle is critical to getting the right mirror.


3. Select the location and finish of the mirror.


Especially when replacing only one mirror, choose whether it is the driver's side (left) or passenger's side (right). Also, decide if you want the finish of the mirror to be smooth black, textured black, chrome or stainless steel.




Defining Power Mirrors:


Every power mirror has two small motors that operate the mirror up/down and left/right. Each of these motors requires a positive and negative wire. Therefore, every power mirror starts with four wires. It is possible for the mirror to operate on three wires if the manufacturer decided to combine the ground wires. If your mirror has three or four wires then the mirror is standard power without any options.


Choosing additional Power Options:


Every option added to a power mirror adds two more wires. Here are some of the most common options for our mirrors:


Heat- Some mirrors are connected to the defrost option of the vehicle. When the defroster is turned on, a heating element warms the mirror to prevent the mirror from fogging up. Two wires will be attached to the back plate of the glass.


Puddle Lamps- There are particular mirrors that have a small light placed on the bottom of the mirror housing. This light is activated when the interior lights are turned on. The light illuminates the outer door and any puddles on the ground by the driver or passenger doors. This option requires two wires.


Memory- Vehicles designed with multiple driver positions usually have a memory function. The mirror will adjust to each driver's pre-programmed position.


Monochromatic or Auto Dimming Glass- Some late model mirrors are covered by a powered glare filter. The mirror will automatically dim if sunlight, a headlight or other bright light is reflected off the mirror.


Turn Signals- Mirrors with signal glass have a red chevron etched into the glass. This turn signal flashes with the vehicle's regular turn signals.


There are other power options that specific manufacturers offer. Each one of these options changes the number of wires and wiring harness for that specific mirror. In order to ensure the correct mirror; the same options must be present on the original mirror as appears on the Kool-Vue replacement.


Painting to Match:


Kool-Vue mirrors are manufactured as “black” or “paint to match.” The majority of mirrors are installed black on the vehicle. For these applications, the Kool-Vue replacement can be installed and driven off. If the original mirror was colored, the mirror will have to be primed and painted to match. Kool-Vue also offers mirrors in a textured plastic finish, chrome and stainless steel.


Determining Your Mirror Type:


There are quite a few vehicles that have more than one mirror that fit. It is always a good idea to check the photos in our catalog to make sure you are getting the correct mirror. If the description has a “TYPE” of mirror, you must double check the picture to ensure the most correct mirror.


Matching Your Existing Wiring Harness:


If the wire harnesses do not match, the most likely cause is that an incorrect mirror has been ordered. Please check the options on each mirror to make sure they match. Are there the same number of wires for each mirror? If the wires match, is it possible that there is another wire harness for the mirror still inside the door panel? Also, make sure the year is correct for the vehicle. Many vehicles produced in one year have already incorporated the design changes for the following year.


Glossary of vehicle Models    


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