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Index of Car Abbreviations


The list shown below is a compilation of common abbreviations you will run into when working on a car:


2WD Two Wheel Drive Vehicle LLE Low Level Emissions
4WD Four Wheel Drive Vehicle M/T Manual Transmission
4WS Four Wheel Steer MDC Medium Duty Chassis
A/T Automatic Transmission MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
ABC Active Body Control Non-Calif ESV Federal or Non-California Emission Standards Vehicle
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid OBC On-Board Computer
AWD All Wheel Drive Vehicle OEM Original Equipment Manufacture/er
BBV Brake Booster Vacuum OHV Overhead Valve
BCM Body Control Module PCM Power/Powertrain Control Module
Calif ESV California Emission Standards Vehicle Post Cat After the Catalytic Converter
CNG Compressed Natural Gas Pre Cat Before the Catalytic Converter
DOHC Double Overhead Camshafts PZEV Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes Req'd Required
EBP Exhaust Back Pressure RPM Revolutions Per Minute
ECC Electronic Climate Control RWD Rear Wheel Drive Vehicle
ECU Engine Control Unit SFI Sequential (multiport) Fuel Injection
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation SOHC Single Overhead Cam
ESV Emission Standards Vehicle SULEV Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
Exc. Except TLEV Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
FCEV Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Trans Transmission
FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle ULEV Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
FWD Front Wheel Drive Vehicle VIN Vehicle Identification Number
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight VIP Vehicle Intrusion Protection
HDC Heavy Duty Chassis VSC Vehicle Stability Control
LCM Lighting Control Module WSS Wheel Speed Sensor
LEV Low Emissions Vehicle ZEV Zero Emissions Vehicle


To determine if your particular application is a Calif ESV or Non-Calif ESV, inspect the vehicle engine compartment for an emissions specifications tag illustrated in the examples below:


Car Abbreviations    


Did we forget any terms? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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