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Audi A4 & Volkswagen Passat KO4 Turbo Repair

Earlier, turbochargers were often considered as a component in high-performance automobiles. Today, mainstream vehicles also include a turbocharger. The main function of the turbo is to increase the efficiency of the engine by making use of the exhaust gases. The exhaust gases turn a turbine, that in turn rotates a compressor wheel. This causes the engine to intake more air, and consequently, burn more fuel.

Video Transcript:


Here's a KO4 upgrade, this is the Audi A4 Volkswagen Passat upgrade directed by a housing internally. See, it's a brand new unit. And, it is going to give you more power goes for about 75 up to about... the additional horsepower goes from about 150 up to 225. So, nice boosting power. And, it is a direct replacement: the ports are of identical size, nothing, no modification, no change. That's a nice set. Nice easy addition. There is a cap on here. This is brand new stuff, fully tested. You know it from the lubricant from the testing machine. This is all brand new stuff.


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