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Buying the Right Part for Your Vehicle Video

Video Transcription:

Presenter: So, now I have a diagnosis. Let's say the repair require some replacement parts. Where are you getting the parts and how do I know that they're right for my vehicle?


Terry: Trust that technician! You trust the technician to help you make the right decision, because auto parts come from a variety of sources and in a variety of price ranges. The technician or shop owner or even the manager will use several factors to help you decide on the right part at the right price, for your particular need. When selecting the appropriate part, you should consider the age of your vehicle, how long you expect to keep it, and how you expect to use it. For example, you may have a newer vehicle which you plan to keep for a few years. Well, you probably want to purchase a Premium part with longer life and better performance. However, if you plan on selling or trading in your older car soon, a less expensive part would make more sense. But, whether the part is from the car manufacturer, which they call OE (original equipment), or from an after-market manufacturer, all of the parts meet strict specifications. In fact, after-market parts typically exceed OE quality. And, you know what, they are often less expensive.


Presenter: For more car care tips, visit We wish you safe and happy motoring.

Before You Leave the Mechanic Checklist:

Video Transcription:

Customer: So, it's time to get my keys back. I understand what's been done, and why they took my vehicle for a test drive to make sure that my original problem has been corrected. We have a plan for taking care of anything that couldn't be done today and I've been alerted to maintenance items coming due in the near future. Alright, I'm feeling pretty good about my visit. So, what's next ?


Terry: Well, before you go, if your service advisor hasn't already discussed the parts and labor warranty with you, ask about it. The parts used in your repair will have a warranty from the manufacturer that can vary depending on the part and the manufacturer. You want to understand that. You'll also want to be clear on the labor warranty for your repair and if you have any problem at all with the repair, please call the shop immediately and give them a chance to correct it right away. Repair shop businesses do want to fix things right the first time, but if there's a problem, they want to correct it just as quickly as possible.


Customer: Thanks so much, Terry! I hope we've been able to help you feel more comfortable with taking your vehicle in for service and repair. It's really important to find a service center that you trust to keep your family safe and your vehicle running properly.


Terry: And that's why technicians will always remind you to follow your factory scheduled maintenance routine. I'd much rather see you in the shop three times a year for routine servicing than coming in on a big tow truck with a big repair.


Customer: For more car care tips, visit We wish you safe and happy motoring.

How to Communicate with a Mechanic:

Video Transcription:

Presenter (CJ): I confess, I'm sometimes too intimidated to ask questions, because I don't want to look stupid.


Terry: No. CJ, you are not going to look stupid. Consumers should always ask questions. It's like going to the doctor, there's all that jargon and diagnosis and the repair can get pretty technical, but the person you're dealing with at the service center wants you to clearly understand what's being recommended and for you to be comfortable enough to ask questions.


Presenter (CJ): For more car care tips, visit We wish you safe and happy motoring.

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