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Home >   How To >   How to Repair Brake System >   Dodge Plymouth Minivan Power Brake Booster Installation Tips Video

Dodge Plymouth Minivan Power Brake Booster Installation Tips Video

Video Transcript:


Today, I'm gonna show you a quick tip to help safely remove and install power brake boosters on '96 to 2000 Dodge and Plymouth mini-vans. Let's go.


(Intro Music)


If you've ever installed a booster on one of these vehicles, you know the space can get pretty tight. It is really difficult to remove or install a booster without damaging the mounting studs or pedal rod too. But, if you simply remove the battery tray and air inlet resonator, you have plenty of room to safely remove the original booster and install the replacement unit.


So, let's get started by disconnecting the battery. But, make sure to provide alternative power to avoid loss of adaptive strategies and settings in the vehicle's electronic module. Next, remove the air inlet resonator and make sure to save all hardware for re-installation later. Then, remove the battery and battery tray. Drain the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir and remove the master cylinder. Now, disconnect the booster pedal rod at the brake pedal and unbolt the booster mounting nuts. Then, disconnect the vacuum hose and finally remove the booster.


To install the new booster, simply reverse the removal procedure and make sure to follow the vehicle's service procedures to properly install, bleed and test the brake system, before moving the vehicle. That's all for now. Hope this information has been helpful!

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