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How To Flush AC System Video

The AC system includes the compressor, condenser, evaporator and accumulator/receiver-dryer. The key to the cooling function of an AC system is to maintain the pressure of the refrigerant either under high-pressure or low-pressure, as needed. As with any part of the automobile, the AC system can also get contaminated with impurities, making it function improperly. In such cases, flushing an AC system will remove the impurities and make it work properly. The video below describes how to flush an AC system.

Video Transcript:


Next we are going for flushing a system in case we have a compressor that comes apart internally and contaminates the system, we might have metal shavings. What you'd want to do with the system completely installed minus the compressor: you wanna shoot the flush fluid in one side of the compressor hose fittings using sharp air to push the fluid through the complete system and coming out of the other port.


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