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How To Inspect your AC Kit Video

Your vehicle's AC system cools the passenger compartment. The components involved in the cooling process include the compressor, condenser, evaporator and accumulator. All these components work together with the refrigerant to complete an AC cycle. Like any component of the vehicle, the AC system parts also tend to fail over time, due to refrigerant leaks or other problems in the components. Replacing the worn parts, at the earliest, is essential to ensure safe driving. The video below explains how to inspect a new AC kit, comparing it with an old one.

Video Transcript:


In the kit, it should have an accumulator, an O-ring and seal kit, refrigerant oil and expansion device, in this case, an orifice tube. And, of course, a new compressor. We want to compare the old parts to the new parts, to make sure that you've got everything correct. Some other things to look for: make sure that your clutch has the same diameter and has the same number of grooves. Also that the manifold ports are in the same position. Next, notice that this orifice tube is red in color, as is the new one. And finally, the accumulator, look to see to make sure that the hose ports and mounting brackets are correct.


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