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How to Uninstall AC Compressor Video

The AC compressor is the principal component of an AC system that maintains the pressure difference between the low-pressure and high-pressure sides. The pressure difference is a key factor for the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. The compressor is basically a pump that sends the refrigerant under high pressure to the condenser to start the refrigeration cycle. The compressor, powered by the engine, includes a rotor that draws the low-pressure refrigerant and transforms it into a high-pressure refrigerant.

Video Transcript:


Remove the clutch wire. Remove the hose assembly from the rear of the compressor. Let's be very careful not to get any dirt in the hoses. Next, we are going to remove the four bolts holding the compressor to the motor mount. I'm looking inside the compressor to see if you can see any metal shavings on the discharge port, to see if the compressor came apart internally. And it looks good.


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