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Home >   How To >   How to Repair Brake System >   Install Disk Brake Conversion Kit Video

Install Disk Brake Conversion Kit - Part 1


Video Transcript:


We are installing a rear disk brake kit for the Ford nine inch rear axle. This particular kit is going on a 70 Mustang. First, after you secure the car up on jack stands, I got to remove the wheel first and remove the brake drum. Next, this four nuts that secure the axle bearing and the axle shaft to the axle housing. Remove those and get access to them according to this hole that is in the axle flange. Next, we have those removed and you will need a slide hammer to remove the axle from the axle housing just to get the bearing loose. But, be careful not to damage the axle seal while removing the housing. So, here we have a plastic seal just behind the bearing.


Remove the axle shaft and keep it aside. We already took the hydraulic hose from the brake lines used from the brake drum and the parking brake cable will need to come lose from the car. You don't need that anymore. Next, make sure that the surface is clean, get a wire brush for that. Now, if you see the axle hole is worn, it's time to replace that. Now, this kit comes with several set of brackets which you need to install to get the caliper bracket on. Depends on the size of the axle housing, these four bolts here, you select which one you have and install those. First, we need to put on the spacer, which basically takes up the space that the brake drum vacuum plate used to use. Now, we are going to re-install the axle shaft. Next, take the caliper mounting brackets, you can see the assembly here, you can see the spacer, one bracket goes on the outside of the flange here. And the other one is put in to the back bracket to space the caliper out. It goes on three of the four studs that have taken out of the actual housing that holds the axle is in place. And, reinstall the nuts to hold the bracket in place in the axle. Okay, now you have the first bracket placed in the caliper bracket itself.



Install Disk Brake Conversion Kit - Part 2


Video Transcript:


Make sure these are all tight. Okay. Now, we are going to install the brake rotor, clean it and make sure the protective coating off of it. And, I have the break caliper. Make sure you install it so that the brake bleeder is on the top. Brake line connects to the bottom. Use special bolts made for installing the brake caliper. The lug nut holds the brake pads in place while you do this. The lug nut of the wheel just hold the rotor in the place. Finally, put the brake caliper on. Bolt the caliper on the brake rotor with the help of screws.


Make sure that it is secured. Next, the basic part of it. We have to just the sharper with the parking brake lever instructions are exactly as I tell you. It comes out of the inside brake tire. Now, you have to install the parking brake cables. It is a kind of universal cable that has different options. Install the springs that keeps the brakes of the parking cable in place. We have it connected. Then, need to connect the other end of it too. You may need to use a tubing bender to bend the tubing that helps the flow of the brake fluid. Make sure you secure it, as well. The kit has come with a brake hose that go straight in the caliper. Before that, you need to replace the master cylinder with a new one. That's the basic part of the kit.


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