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Preventive Maintenance is Key to Your Vehicles Health Video

Video Transcript:


CJ: What is preventive maintenance and why is it so important?


Terry: Well, the preventive maintenance, CJ, include all those service items that the vehicle manufacturer is scheduled for you to do to make your vehicle last longer and to make it cheaper to operate. You know how your dentist reminds you to come in every six months for a cleaning and a check up. Well, this is the same concept. Your technician goes down the checklist from your owner's manual and takes care of things like the oil changes and the tire rotations, just as the schedule. You are preventing breakdowns and making your vehicle last longer, just like you did when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist helps prevent cavities.


CJ: So, what sorts of things does the factory recommend?


Terry: Well, all those things like topping off your braking, power steering fluid and anti-freeze, transmission differential fluid too. Most of these fluids have a recommended interval for changing. Of course, the car company recommends checking a number of things to see if they need attention like the wheel alignment, the belts and the hoses, the wiper blades, the battery, the lights, the turn signals, the brake, suspension, tire, all those kind of things.


CJ: So, do all these items have a recommended service intervals and what are some typical intervals?


Terry: You know, most items are either specifically listed for scheduled service in the owner's manual or listed to be inspected at a certain interval. Specific intervals vary by vehicle. But, what a lot of people don't know is that how and where you drive can actually affect your service schedule. For example, your owner's manual might recommend an oil change at 5,000 miles under normal driving conditions, but there is also what is called a severe service schedule, one that may recommend changing your oil at say, 3,000 miles, if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving or short trips or if you are hauling heavy loads and driving in hot and dusty conditions. Everyone falls somewhere on the scale between normal and severe service interval. So, talk with your service advisor about how you drive and he will help you determine when you should get these various services done.


CJ: For more car care tips, visit We wish you safe and happy motoring!

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