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How to Repair Drive Axle Parts


The axle parts repair "How To" section of our site is here to help when you need that little bit of extra knowledge to get your project up and running. From the list below select the video or article that is related to info about the product line desired.


  How Does a CV Axle Work


Drive Axle    


The various axles in an automobile include: drive axles, constant-velocity(CV) axles and some multi-joint axles for custom applications. A drive axle is a shaft with a splined section on each end that can transfer the engine's power from the transmission to the wheels or hubs. The drive axle does not bend and is designed for vehicles where the axle has a direct shot to the hub or transaxle. It is used mainly in mid-engine or rear-wheel drive cars. Constant-velocity joints allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction. They are mainly used in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars. Rear-wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension typically use CV joints at the ends of the rear axle halfshafts. Constant-velocity joints are protected by a rubber boot and a CV gaiter. Cracks and splits in the boot will allow the joint to corrode and a new joint would need to be fitted if the joint is not removed early enough, cleaned, greased, and a new boot fitted.


Early front-wheel drive systems used axles are similar to the four-wheel drive vehicles where a cross-shaped metal pivot sits between two forked carriers. These are not CV joints as, except for specific configurations, they result in a variation of the transmitted speed. They are simple to make and can be tremendously strong, and are still used to provide a flexible coupling in some propshafts, where there is not very much movement. As front wheel drive systems became more popular, with cars such as the Mini using compact transverse engine layouts, the shortcomings of universal joints in front axles became more and more apparent. Based on a design by Alfred H. Rzeppa, constant velocity joints solved a lot of these problems. They allowed a smooth transfer of power despite the wide range of angles through which they were bent.


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