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tire pressure monitor sensor    


How To Repair Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor


The tire pressure sensor monitors the air pressure in a vehicle's tires. Since 2006, most cars and trucks have been fitted with a tire pressure monitor system or TPMS to check for issues with the tires. Just like an oxygen sensor or air fuel ratio sensor, the TPMS sensors are crucial to the proper operation of the car. While the tire pressure may seem like a trivial element but when the facts are examined, it become a lot more interesting. Tires that are 10% low on air will result in a 1% decrease in gas mileage which can put a dent in your finances.


The main issue with the TPMS systems is that the sensors in the wheels are all battery powered. This means over time, they all have a failure rate of 100%. When the TPMS systems fail they will turn on a light on the dash which will alert the driver and also cause the vehicle to fail a state inspection. The good thing about these parts is that they are cheap and can be replaced when a set of tires is installed on any vehicle. Each one of the sensors relays information to the central computer.


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