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How to Repair Window Regulator


Windows are the main means of ventilation in a vehicle. The window glasses can be rolled up or down to fix them at a position depending on the comfort of the occupants. The window regulators help serve this function in the window mechanism. This article covers information on the working and the types of window regulators and the common signs that indicate their failure. You can go through the following articles for more information on window regulators.


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Window Regulator    


The window regulator is the unit that controls the raising and lowering of the window glass. It is usually mounted inside the door frame. Older vehicles included manual regulators that required a hand crank to adjust the window. With the rotation of the hand crank, the windows were moved up and down. With the modernization of vehicles where almost all parts are operated automatically, window regulators are no exception to this. Recent vehicles include power regulators that can be operated by the press of a switch. The basic design of a power regulator is almost similar to that of a manual regulator. Some vehicles have individual controls situated below each of the passenger windows, allowing the passengers to adjust the power windows on their own. Whereas, some automobiles have a window regulator system that allows the driver to adjust the power windows.


Power windows are usually inoperable when the car is not running. Whereas, some vehicles allow them to operate until the door is opened. Generally, the window switch needs to be pressed down until the window retracts or moves up to the desired position. Whereas, newer vehicles include a switch, which when tapped once can retract the window completely. Power windows automatically reverse when they encounter any hindrance while moving the window glass.


When the regulator fails, the windows may roll slowly and in extreme cases, fail to move completely. In some cases, the clips that hold the window can also break and the glass can fall off the frame completely. Since the power window regulators work with the help of a motor, any defect in the motor will result in the failure of the windows to adjust when the switch is pressed. If you find that your windows are responding sluggishly, inspect your regulator and have it replaced, if required.


Oftentimes, it may be confusing to ascertain whether the fault is with a regulator motor or the window regulator itself. You can narrow down the actual defective part by doing the following: Press the window switch; if you hear the window motor running, the problem is with the regulator. If you do not hear the humming sound of the motor, the motor is at fault. The motor can also fail due to defective fuses which are responsible for providing the correct voltage to the motor.


Automobiles need the door panels to be removed for inspecting or performing any repairs in the window regulator. Based on the design of vehicles, the way to remove the door panel may differ. Have your user manual at hand for the right method to remove the door panel and check your window regulator.


If your vehicle needs a power or manual window regulator, we have them in stock. If you select the correct year, make and model of your car, our site will take you to the window regulator part page specific to your vehicle. You can also browse through the full catalog of auto parts that we carry. For any enquiries or support, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will make sure to get you through any hiccups you might face while buying a product.


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