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Strut Replacement Video

In this video J explains how to change a strut assembly. This video shows how to remove an old worn out stut, and install a brand new BuyAutoParts strut on many vehicles. This specific job was done on a 2005 Nissan Altima. Some of the processes seen here are specific to this exact vehicle application.

Tools Needed
- Spring Compressor (can be rented from auto store)
- Hammer
- Socket Wrench
- Various Sockets (19mm, 17mm, 14mm)*
- New Strut Assembly

*Sizes vary between vehicles

Transcript -

Hi there folks. My name is J. Today, we’re going to be working on a 2005 A¬ltima. We’re going to be replacing some front struts and some rear shock absorbers from KYB, purchased through BuyAutoParts of course and hopefully, you’ll learn a few things today. We’ll take you step by step through the process and maybe save a little bit of money on labor with your mechanic this time.

Alright, the shock absorber is a very important component of the car obviously. It affects the handling, stopping distance, and just the overall feel of the car. One of the things that can do is create uneven wear on your tires. This is one indication, this car will probably need an alignment as well but there is some uneven wear on the tires, along with the bouncing feeling that you get sometimes on the freeway, coming in and out of driveways. That’s a pretty good indication that the shock absorbers and the struts here in the front need to be replaced.

So the first thing you’re going to do is go ahead and get the wheel off, and then we’ll take with the components from inside and all the connectors and see where we need to go from there.

Next thing we’re going to do is disconnect the two main mounting bolts. Once you get these bolts out, this whole hub assembly is going to tilt down towards us and we will be able to go up on it and disconnect the top of the mount and pull the whole assembly out.

So at this point, the top is basically disconnected. We’ve got one more nut we’re going to loosen by hand. We’re going to grab the whole assembly as it comes out. It’s a little bit heavy so make sure you’ve got a good grip on it. Whole thing out. There you go!

Alright, so the next step here is going to be to remove the spring so we can swap it over to the new assembly. This is going to take a couple of steps. This is also where you’re going to need a special tool to help you out with this. This is actually a spring compressor kit. You can get this as a free rental at most auto parts stores. You simply pay for the kit. When you take it back, they give you your money back when you’re done with it. And we’re going to go ahead and put this on here. Compress the spring down. That will allow us to take the knot off the top. Pull the old assembly off, put all the new mount… or sorry, the old mount and the spring back onto the new assembly. Reassemble everything and get it back in the car.

So this can also be done if you don’t have the impact tools or the automated tools to help you out with this sort of thing. You can just use the old-school; manual wrench and crank away until the spring is compressed down and take it off the assembly.

Alright now that we’ve got the spring compressed here enough that everything is loose, we can go ahead and take the nut off of the top, and make sure this is nice and loose, so there is no pressure as this thing comes off and then we’ll be able to swap everything over to the new piece.

If you notice here on the old strut, dust boot, and bump stop assembly, it is all been dried out and come apart so this is basically useless. We’re going to go ahead and throw these away and replace with a new part. That new part, it looks just like this. It’s got a new bump stop intact so we’re going to put that on when we put the new assembly together.

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