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Wheel Hub Unit Install

Hub Install    


Timken continues to lead the hub unit bearing evolution by providing assemblies that are uncompromised in quality, reliability, and consistency. Proper hub unit bearing removal and installation procedures can enhance the performance and life of hub units, bearings, axles, wheels, brakes, and other components.


Following are the guidelines for removing and installing a hub unit bearing on a passenger car front wheel-end application:


Step 1: Inspect the surface of the axle shaft, spline teeth and tone wheel for wear. Use a fine file, wire brush, emery cloth or honing stone as appropriate to remove any debris, nicks, or burrs.


Step 2: Carefully check the positioning of the splines on the axle shaft while installing the steering knuckle. The proper positioning of these two components is critical so that the splines are not damaged. (Note: Never force the hub unit bearing onto the shaft or strike with a hammer.)


Step 3: Install the strut mounting bolts that attach the steering knuckle to the strut assembly and torque them to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications using a torque wrench.


Step 4: Install the bolts that attach the lower ball joint to the lower control arm and torque them to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications using a torque wrench.


Step 5: Attach the lower ball joint to the lower control arm and install the nut. Torque the nut to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications using a torque wrench.


Hub Inatall 2    


Step 6: Secure the nut using a new cotter pin.


Step 7: If applicable, be sure to properly attach the ABS sensor cable to the vehicle. Connect the sensor to its mating connection point.


Step 8: Ensure that the brake rotor, caliper mounting bracket and caliper are free from debris and burrs. Install the brake rotor. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for rotor inspection and reuse.


Step 9: Install the caliper mounting bracket. Torque the bolts to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.


Step 10: Next, install the caliper on the caliper mounting bracket, being careful not to damage the rubber boots. Place the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant on the caliper bolts. Install the bolts to the vehicle manufacturer’s torque specifications.


Step 11: Prior to installing the axle nut, apply the brake to prevent axle rotation or damage to transmission and transaxle components. This can be accomplished by using either a brake pedal depressor or having an assistant to depress the brake pedal.


Step 12: Install the axle nut. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for proper tightening of the axle nut.


Step 13: Secure the axle nut with the locking procedure specified by the vehicle manufacturer.


Step 14: Replace the wheel and tire assembly. Install the lug nuts. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for lug nut tightening sequence, torque specifications and if applicable, re-torque requirements.




1) Proper maintenance and handling procedures are critical.

2) Always follow installation instructions and maintain proper lubrication.

3) Never spin a bearing with compressed air; the rolling elements may be forcefully expelled.


Note: This information is not intended to substitute for the specific recommendations of your equipment suppliers. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this writing, but no liability is accepted for errors, omissions or for any other reason.


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