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Ignition Coil Set

Ignition Coil Set

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Ignition Coil Set

Ignition Coil Set

The ignition coil, also called a spark coil, is a transformer that converts the battery's low voltage to high voltage and creates a spark at the spark plug. It is located at the right hand side of the engine, adjacent to the spark plug. The Ignition Coil Set consists of several ignition coils. The ignition coil has a primary coil and a secondary coil that are placed one above the other. It is connected to a contact breaker, which is responsible for collapsing the magnetic field in the primary coil.

A low voltage electric current is made to pass through the primary coil, which builds up an electromagnetic field around the coil. The contact breaker interrupts this low voltage and collapses the electromagnetic field. This causes the electromagnetic field to pass over the secondary coil. As the secondary coil has more number of turns, the magnetic field causes a high voltage. If you have any issues with your car's ignition coil, you should order an ignition coil replacement as soon as possible. Buy Auto Parts has a wide range of Ignition Coil Sets for every car make and model.

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