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Leaf Spring

Leaf Spring

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Leaf Spring

Leaf Spring

The Leaf Spring is a part of the vehicle's suspension mechanism. Its function is to maintain the ride height, keep the tires in contact with the road surface, and support the weight of the vehicle. The leaf spring consists of a series of flexible, thin and flat steel strips. The strips are joined together and curved into an arc to work as a single component. The spring is connected to the frame at both ends and linked to the axle in the middle. It is also known as a cart or semi-elliptical spring. The thickness and number of the steel strips dictate the load capacity and spring rate of the leaf spring.

There are two types of leaf springs: mono-leaf and multi-leaf. They have one and many arc-shaped steel strips, respectively. The springs have bushings that protect the automobile from vibrations caused when your vehicle rides over bumps. The leaf springs, which are one of the earliest forms of suspension systems, are now used in heavy commercial vehicles.

After years of usage or continuously carrying heavy loads, the vehicle's leaf springs tend to wear out or get bent. A bad leaf spring is identified by the vehicle's lowered ride height or an uneven tire wear. It also makes the automobile sway excessively. In extreme conditions, the back end of the vehicle will be lower than the front. At Buy Auto Parts we stock a wide variety of leaf springs for every car make and model.

We have genuine OEM replacements and premium aftermarket parts. All our car parts are thoroughly tested and come with a warranty. To view the parts that fit your vehicle, select the right year, make and model of your car on our online catalog. At Buy Auto Parts you will find high-quality leaf springs at unbeatable prices, and free shipping. If you have any questions about our car parts, call our toll-free support line 1-888-907-7225 or email us at [email protected].

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