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Honda Suspension

When traveling in your Honda, you’ll likely notice that the engineering of the suspension creates an incredibly comfortable ride. A ride where it’s as if you cannot feel any swinging or bumping of the car, even when travelling at high speeds. But, how did Honda arrive at such a dialed-in suspension system? It likely relates to Honda being the second longest continuously running Japanese automobile brand in North America.

The Honda suspension is more important that you might realize. Each time when a manufacturer like Honda releases a car, they need to be sure that that car passed all necessary tests that indicates that the car is safe to use. The Honda Civic is fitted with a four-wheel independent suspension and has a front and rear stabilizing bar. This is important because a suspension give the driver the power to control the car. Horsepower, acceleration rate, and the amount of cylinders mean nothing if a driver is unable to keep a car on the road.

Your Honda suspension must even out the friction caused between the tires and the road’s surface. This will help create steering stability and good handling that will ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers. The reason why a suspension is important is that our road surface is not flat. We drive over bumps, debris, uneven tar, or the occasional pothole. Even freshly laid highways have imperfections that you feel when driving at a high speed. These uneven surfaces apply force to the wheels. This force causes the wheels of your Honda to bump up and down causing vertical acceleration.

There a few separate systems that makes up the suspension of a car. The parts that form the suspension of your Honda include the frame or chassis, the suspension system (springs, dampers and shocks), the steering system, and the wheels and tires. When you look at the fundamental components of a suspension, you are looking at the anti-sway bars, the dampers, and the springs. Springs are there to absorb the impacts, while the dampers, or shocks, control the spring motions.

Many modern vehicles use air springs that have replaced steel springs. When you look at the Honda Civic or Accord, you will find that a Honda Air Spring suspension is used. This means that an electric or engine-driven compressor and pump control the car’s suspension electronically. This gives a much smoother ride. If you need to replace any suspension part on you Honda, you’ve come to the right site. Our catalogue updated daily and new parts are added weekly to ensure we have the Honda suspension parts you need.