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  • Problems with 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler Power Steering Box

    May 26,2017

    Jeep TJ Wrangler Steering Box Problems

    Now, more than 20 years after the first one rolled off the assembly line, one of the biggest issues that many owners have is with the Jeep TJ Wrangler power steering box. But while many of them now sport oversized and aggressive rubber, the TJ Wrangler was originally equipped with comparatively smaller 205/75R15 tires. The increased resistance from bigger, wider tires means the TJ Wrangler’s power steering box that has already seen years of abuse has to work even harder as it tries to muscle the front wheels from side to side. This increased wear on an old power steering box assembly and power steering pump causes dead spots in the steering travel and can eventually lead to the complete failure of the power steering system.

  • Common Types of Diesel Injector Failure on the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Engine

    May 24,2017

    6.0L Powerstroke Injector Problems

    One of the most common points of trouble and a common source of reliability complaints with the 6.0l Ford Powerstroke Diesel is the failure of the diesel injectors. These injectors drive diesel fuel into the cylinder where it is oxidized and ignited, creating the legendary earth-moving power the Ford Powerstroke is known for.

  • The Difference Between Shocks & Struts

    April 19,2017

    The Differences Between Shocks & Struts

    While they mostly do the same job and the words are often used interchangeably, shocks and struts refer to two vastly different suspension designs. You cannot use a shock absorber in the place of a strut, and vice versa. This can naturally lead to some confusion when trying to order the correct parts for your car, especially since many cars use struts for the front and shocks for the rear.

  • Performance Benefits of Slotted And Drilled Rotors

    March 2,2017

    Why Choose Slotted Or Drilled Brake Rotors?

    One of the most important systems on every vehicle on the road today is the brakes because going fast, or even moving at all, isn’t fun or efficient if you aren’t able to stop. A properly functioning brake system is vital not only to vehicle control, but also safety. It won’t matter at all how well your car runs if you can’t slow down enough to navigate a turn or avoid running into hazards on the road. Having a well-serviced braking system helps you control your stopping distance, but also gives invaluable peace of mind in addition to better control of the overall driving experience knowing you can brake late when needed.

  • Is Your Mercedes AirMatic Suspension Sagging or Compressor Seized?

    February 1,2017

    Mercedes AirMatic Suspension Failure

    As your Mercedes ages, the AirMatic suspension system can develop malfunctions that are almost always accompanied by a hefty repair bills at the dealer.

  • Problems with the Z55 Autoride Suspension in 2000-2014 GM Trucks

    January 18,2017

    Problems with the Z55 Autoride Suspension in 2000-2014 GM Trucks

    On many of GM’s larger trucks there was an optional Z55 suspension package available. Autoride is GM's trademark name for their automatic load-leveling suspension and computer controlled shock system. The Autoride system provides for a great ride, but when the system fails it can leave a big hole in your pocketbook. offers brand-new passive replacement shock absorbers for Z55 equipped GM trucks that will maintain ride quality and handling at a much lower cost.

  • 1998 – 2004 Audi and Volkswagen Control Arm and Ball Joint Failure

    October 24,2016

    With such a complex suspension, repairs are often difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Many A4, A5, Allroad, and Passat owners will try to save money by only replacing the single control arm which exhibits the most wear. But this rarely, if ever, restores the stability of the entire suspension and many of our customers become discouraged when the symptoms of a worn suspension persist.

  • 2002-2006 Honda CRV AC Black Death Repair

    October 24,2016

    2002-2006 Honda CRV Complete AC Rebuild Kits

    If you drive a 2002 – 2006 Honda CR-V, you’ve more than likely had your share of problems with the AC system. It may seem like there is always a problem with it or that it’s never completely trouble free, right? After countless days in the repair shop and enormous amounts of money spent, you may start to think you’re going crazy. But rest assured that you’re not insane and the hidden culprit causing constant headaches is what’s known to many mechanics as the BLACK DEATH!

  • 2001-2006 BMW 3-series Ignition Coil Failure

    October 7,2016

    The engine compartment is a harsh environment on any vehicle. But in a high-performance German sport sedan like the BMW 3-series, it is even more so. And the incredible technology that these cars use to manage fuel delivery, timing, and ignition are often the components that break down most often. The heat, vibration, and moisture under the hood can be very damaging to the sensitive electronics that these systems use.

  • 2002-2008 Subaru Turbocharger Failure

    October 7,2016

    Even cars with a meticulous oil-change history are not immune to turbocharger oil starvation as fresh oil alone is not enough to prevent it. Most of the failures we see are because oil starvation when the banjo bolt filter clogs and cuts off lubrication. Eventually, the turbo will fail and cause severe damage within the intake tract of your motor.