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 Toyota  Ignition Coil
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Honda Ignition System

Let’s be honest, many vehicle owners don’t know much about their cars and how they function. Most, to say the least, just do not care to know. They do know some basic things like a car needs oil and gas, the tires need air, and most will recognize the engine when they pop the hood (if they can figure that one out). Most people, even Honda vehicle owners, think that keeping a car relatively clean and taking it in for a tune-up when a light comes on is enough.

The truth is that if you educate yourself about how your car functions and learn the essential parts of a car, you will be able to handle car problem with less difficulty. You do not need to learn how to service your own Honda, but when a mechanic is speaking about a car part, knowing what that part is can save you some grief and some hard-earned cash.

Let’s dig in a little. Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you turn the key of Honda? Every time you turn the key, your Honda’s ignition system starts your journey. An Ignition system can be seen as the beginning of all life in a car. This system has to work in harmony with the rest of the engine. As the word suggests, the ignition system has to ignite the fuel at the perfect time so that expanding gasses can do maximum work. When ignition takes place at the wrong time, it will have the opposite effect. Other components that play a part in your Honda’s ignition process include OEM Honda spark plugs, a Honda Ignition Coil, and a Honda distributor.

The OEM Honda Ignition Coil is, simply put, a high-voltage transformer that is made up of two coils of wire. The primary coil is wrapped with the second coil of wire and normally the secondary coil has hundreds of times more turns of wire than the primary coil. The purpose of this spark coil is to turn the meager power that comes from that battery into the thousands of volt needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. The voltage that comes from the battery is too low (12 Volt) and, thanks to your Honda ignition coil, converts to 25-30,000 Volts.

It is very important that every component of your Honda ignition system functions as required, otherwise your car is not going to start. If your car backfires, has problems starting, is not delivering efficient fuel economy, has engine misfires, or stalls, an ignition replacement might help. When you choose us for your parts, you can rest assured that your Honda ignition coils are made of the high quality materials and that we only offer parts at the best prices possible.