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Toyota Tacoma Parts

Are you looking to restore your Tacoma to its original condition? With our wide range of auto parts, you can find any replacement you need for your vehicle here! While buying auto parts online, one of the biggest issues customers face is the compatibility of the new part with their vehicle. Depending on the year, make and model, every car/truck can have minor to major modifications in the design or configuration. Our replacements are designed to fit in both your vehicle and budget.

The Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that has been in production since 1995. The pickup truck, which is available either as a compact or a mid-size vehicle, is known for its superior interior features. The Tacoma has been available in the market in three successive generations: 1995-2004, 2004-present, and 2015-present. The vehicle comes with one of the following body styles: 2-door regular cab, 2-door extended cab and 4-door crew cab. The Tacoma replaced the Hilux (known as the Toyota Pickup Truck in the US).

Compared to its predecessor, the Tacoma offered a better driving experience with respect to handling, comfort and ride quality. Assembled in Toyota's plant in the United States, the Tacoma is developed keeping in mind the fact that pickup trucks, in addition to off-road use, are also widely used for personal transport in the country. The first-generation Tacomas were also produced as the Prerunner model in 1997. Along with different upgrades and facelifts, the first generation was rolled out with the S-Runner trim package in 2000.

Tacoma A/C Accumulator/Drier
Tacoma A/C Compressor
Tacoma A/C Compressor and Components Kit
Tacoma A/C Condenser
Tacoma A/C Evaporator
Tacoma A/C Expansion Device
Tacoma A/C Hose High Side - Discharge
Tacoma A/C Hose Low Side - Suction
Tacoma Accessory Lighting - Bracket or Wiring Harness
Tacoma Accessory Lighting - LED Light
Tacoma Accessory Lighting - LED Lighting Kit
Tacoma Air Filter
Tacoma Air Helper Springs
Tacoma Air Intake Performance Kit
Tacoma Air Pump
Tacoma Alternator
Tacoma Axles and Axle Bearings
Tacoma Ball Joint
Tacoma Bed Liner
Tacoma Bed Rack
Tacoma Bed Rack Base Rail
Tacoma Brake Caliper
Tacoma Brake Disc Rotor
Tacoma Brake Disc Rotor Set
Tacoma Brake Drum
Tacoma Brake Pad and Rotor Kit
Tacoma Brake Pad Set
Tacoma Brake Shoe Set
Tacoma Cat Back Performance Exhaust
Tacoma Catalytic Converter
Tacoma Catalytic Converter CARB Approved
Tacoma Catalytic Converter EPA Approved
Tacoma Clutch Kit
Tacoma Clutch Kit - Performance Upgrade
Tacoma Control Arm
Tacoma Control Arm Kit
Tacoma Cooling Fan Assembly
Tacoma Cylinder Head Gasket Sets
Tacoma Differential Bearing Kits
Tacoma Differential Cases and Spiders
Tacoma Differential Pinion Yoke
Tacoma Differential Small Parts and Seals
Tacoma Differential Tools
Tacoma Differential Traction Devices
Tacoma Drive Axle Front
Tacoma Drive Axle Kit
Tacoma Driveshaft
Tacoma Engine Cooling Fan Clutch
Tacoma Engine Gasket Set - Rear Main Seal
Tacoma Engine Gasket Set - Timing Cover
Tacoma Engine Gasket Set - Valve Cover
Tacoma Engine Oil Pan
Tacoma Engine Oil Pan Gasket Set
Tacoma Engine Tuner
Tacoma Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
Tacoma Floor Liner
Tacoma Floor Mat
Tacoma Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer
Tacoma Fuel Injector
Tacoma Fuel Injector Set
Tacoma Fuel Pump
Tacoma Fuel Pump Assembly
Tacoma Fuel Pump Strainer
Tacoma Headlight Assembly
Tacoma Headlight Assembly Pair
Tacoma Ignition Coil
Tacoma Ignition Coil Set
Tacoma Ignition Distributor
Tacoma Inner Tie Rod End
Tacoma Intake Manifold Gasket Set
Tacoma Leaf Spring
Tacoma Manual Steering Rack
Tacoma Mass Air Flow Meter
Tacoma Miscellaneous
Tacoma Miscellaneous Nuts and Bolts
Tacoma Mud Flap
Tacoma Navigation Unit
Tacoma Navigation Upgrade OEM Fit In Dash
Tacoma Oil Filter
Tacoma Outer Tie Rod End
Tacoma Oxygen Sensor
Tacoma Performance Muffler
Tacoma Power Steering Pump
Tacoma Power Steering Rack
Tacoma Power Steering Rack and Outer Tie Rod Kit
Tacoma Radiator
Tacoma Radio or CD Player
Tacoma Ring and Pinion Set
Tacoma Serpentine Belt and Tensioner Kit
Tacoma Shock Absorber
Tacoma Shock and Strut Set
Tacoma Side View Mirror
Tacoma Starter
Tacoma Strut
Tacoma Throttle Body
Tacoma Timing Belt Kit
Tacoma Tonneau Cover
Tacoma Transmission Assembly - Automatic
Tacoma Truck Bed Side Rail Protector
Tacoma Vinyl Protection Film
Tacoma Water Pump and Cooling System Gaskets
Tacoma Wheel Bearing Module
Tacoma Wheel Hub Assembly
Tacoma Wheel Hub Assembly Kit
Tacoma Window Motor Only
Tacoma Window Regulator Only
Tacoma Window Regulator with Motor

The second-generation Tacoma was released with a staggering eighteen different configurations to customers, with choices available in the engine, transmission and body styles. With the first-generation Tacoma being well-received in the market, the second generation was offered with improved features to further enhance the truck's popularity. The X-Runner trim replaced the first-generation S-runner trim. The striking performance of the Tacoma earned it the “Truck of the Year” title by Motor Trend Magazine in 2005.

The third-generation Tacoma was launched during the January 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Sales for the Tacoma are still going strong with the total number of Tacomas produced amounting to 179,000 units in 2015. Depending on the year in which it was manufactured, the Tacoma was available in an array of colors such as the Cardinal Red, Natural White, Pewter Pearl and Cool Steel Metallic. Some of the standard features of the Tacoma include anti-lock brakes (ABS), emergency brake assist (EBA) or brake assist (BA or BAS), and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD or EBFD).

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is Toyota's tuning shop which customizes its range of vehicles. TRD offered two packages for the Tacoma: the Sport and Off-Road. As the name implies, the Sport provides an enhanced on-road performance while the Off-Road provided superior off-road performance. Trucks with the Off-Road package included advanced technologies including the Down-Hill Assist Control (DAC) and Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC); the former technology is tailored to automatically apply the brakes during downhill descents while the latter prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards while climbing up a hill.

The Tacoma, whether it fulfills your personal or business needs, needs assessment on a regular basis. A pickup truck needs stricter maintenance as it is more susceptible to wear and tear than mainstream cars. Inspecting the condition of your Tacoma is also crucial to predict if any major repairs are around the corner. One good thing about failing auto parts is that they do so with distinctive symptoms, making it easy to troubleshoot. For example, an ignition coil in any vehicle converts the battery voltage to several thousand volts required to create a spark, which ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. An ignition coil can progressively become worse due to continuous usage or due to natural wear and tear. When it does so, it loses its ability to generate the required amount of voltage, which in turn, affects the combustion of the air and fuel.

Some of the common symptoms of a faulty ignition coil include stalling, decreased engine power, backfiring and difficulties while starting the engine. When you start noticing these symptoms, you can suspect that something is not right with the ignition coil. Although symptoms can be indicative of the ignition coil acting up, testing the ignition coil will help you draw a more informed conclusion. If you are looking to fix a busted ignition coil, fuel injector, brake or even the engine system in your Tacoma, we can definitely aid you in reviving the performance of your Tacoma with our top-quality auto parts!