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Drive Axle Front

Drive Axle Front

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Drive Axle Front

Drive Axle Front

Your vehicle's drive axle connects two wheels in the front and two in the back. A drive axle is powered by an engine and it is the central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. The main purpose of your car's drive axle is to transfer torque from the transmission to the wheels. A drive axle is a split axle between two half axles with differential and universal joints. Each half axle is connected to your car wheels by a constant velocity (CV) joint. The CV joint allows the wheels to move freely and keeps your car's body in balance.

A drive axle in front-wheel drive cars facilitates steering. It absorbs shocks when you drive on rough roads. If you hear a clicking noise or feel any vibration in the wheel while driving, you must check the drive axle at the earliest to avoid further damage. At Buy Auto Parts you will find a wide range of front wheel drive axles for all makes and models.

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