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Auto Parts Coupons & Deals offers some of the best deals on auto parts in the market. To keep up with our deals and coupons, please keep this webpage handy. Our limited time deals are just that; deals with an expiration date. They are usually part specific deals on parts which we have the ability to temporarily lower the price of for a certain amount of time. These deals will not last forever, so act fast if you see a deal on a part you need or want. All coupon codes offered on this page are 100% legitimate. As many of you know, there are plenty of websites out there where you can find coupon codes to pretty much any online retailer. The problem with these websites is that the coupon codes and deals they post are not always current, do not always work or might just be plain made up. This webpage is the only place to see all of our current coupon codes that are available to our customers. In order to stay updated with all of our promotions and insider email deals, please submit your email address below:

Coupon Code: SHOCK10

buyautoparts coupon code shock10

Use coupon code SHOCK10 for $10 off any two piece suspension kit, including shocks and/or struts. 


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Coupon Code: SHOCK20

buyautoparts coupon code shock20

Use coupon code SHOCK20 for $20 off any four piece suspension kit, including shocks and/or struts. 


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Coupon Code: ACCOMBO2

buyautoparts coupon code accombo2

Use coupon code ACCOMBO2 for $15 off orders of $200 or more, when you buy two or more air conditiong products, including AC compressors, driers, and condensers.


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buyautoparts coupon code turbocombo

Use coupon code TURBOCOMBO for $10 off, when you buy a turbocharger and installation accessory kit. $100 Minimum order amount.


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Coupon Code: 2ARMS10

buyautoparts coupon code 2arms10

Use coupon code 2ARMS10 for $10 off control arms, when you buy 2 or more. $75 Minimum order amount


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Coupon Code: RACK10

buyautoparts coupon code rack10

Use coupon code RACK10 for $10 off, when you buy a steering rack and pinion. $100 Minimum order amount.


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Coupon Code: PSPUMP10

buyautoparts coupon code pspump10

Use coupon code PSPUMP10 for $10 off, when you buy a power steering pump. $100 Minimum order amount.


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Coupon Code: GEARBOX10

buyautoparts coupon code gearbox10

Use coupon code GEARBOX10 for $10 off, when you buy a steering gearbox. $100 Minimum order amount.


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$40 Rebate on Extang Trifecta 2.0 Purchase

Extang Trifecta 2.0 40 rebate

Order a Extang Trifecta 2.0 and receive a $40 rebate.


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10% Off Husky Liners

Husky 10 percent off deal

10% Off Husky Liners until December 13th!


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