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ABS Speed Sensor

ABS Speed Sensor

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ABS Speed Sensor

ABS Speed Sensor

The ABS sensor is an electronic device which is found on vehicles with anti-lock braking. The ABS speed sensor helps track the current speed of your vehicle. It also sends signals to the on-board computer so the engine can use this information and make adjustments. The signal is sent from a sensor measuring transmission or transaxle output speed.

The ABS speed sensors work by measuring the rotational speed of your vehicle's wheels. You can find your ABS sensor above the drive shaft. ABS sensors come in two types: exposed type and concealed.

Internal break in a wire, moisture infiltration, and metallic particles sticking on the sensor nose will damage your ABS speed sensor and result in an erratic speed signal, a system default, and a false modulation. If you run into any of these problems, you need to replace your sensor with a new one as soon as possible

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