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Honda Civic Parts

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We ship from multiple warehouses across the country, so you get your part as soon as possible.
Industry Leading Warranty
Free, one year (or more), unlimited mileage warranty. Covers everything; parts and shipping costs.
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Return for any reason within 60 days for a full refund.
guaranteed exact fit
We've reviewed over 1,000,000 fitments to guarantee exact fit.

Honda Civic Parts


The Honda Civic was once a subcompact car but is currently rolling off the assembly lines as a compact car. The subcompact version was manufactured from 1972 to 2000, and the compact version has been in production since 2000. Depending on the year it was manufactured, the Civic can either be seen as a coupe, sedan or hatchback. A car needs to incorporate the latest technology, style and design to match the needs of the market in order to be able to withstand its competition. This is true of the Honda Civic, as the vehicle has been in production for more than four decades and has undergone a series of updates and changes through its various versions.

Honda installs engines of varying capacities in the Civic which allows customers to have a choice in the type of engine. This makes the Honda Civic a strong player among its peers. With a firm foothold in the competitive auto market, the Civic continues to hold its own amidst the large number of vehicles being released across the world. The Civic is a testament to Honda's well-established reputation as one of the world's leading auto manufacturers. If your Honda Civic is in need of a replacement part, you need look no further. We stock an extensive line of parts that can help your car perform or look like it did on the first day you drove it out of the store. In addition to Honda Civic parts, we stock replacement parts for a number of other Honda models such as the Prelude, CRV and Accord, regardless of the years in which they were manufactured.

The Honda Civic has been well-received by the public since its inception. The CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) is a technology developed by Honda dedicated only to its own line of cars. It focuses on reducing emissions generated by the engine, eliminating the need for an expensive catalytic converter. This technology was used in the Civic from the year 1975, making the vehicle a huge hit among its customers. Further characteristics of the Honda Civic include an interior with an abundant space and a high fuel economy. The recent generations of Civics are also well known for their sporty design and appearance.

Among the many awards won by the Honda Civic is the “Japanese Car of the Year”, which it won for three consecutive years from 1972 to 1974. The car was also awarded the “North American Car of the Year” in 2006. The Honda Civic EX was named the “International Car of the Year” by the Road & Travel Magazine in 2005. The Civic has served as a benchmark model for other Honda automobiles such as the CR-X, CR-X del Sol and Concerto. Though the Civic is often considered to be a mainstream car, the cars that were manufactured between the late 1980s and the millennial years are often most liked by car enthusiasts who love to customize their vehicles. The Civic has also ran the circuits of many racing events including the World Touring Car Championship and the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

Honda is a car manufacturer which has its roots in Tokyo, Japan. In its domestic market, it is one of the top three manufacturers of automobiles. The line-up of Honda's products includes cars, commercial automobiles, motorcycles and even jet engines. To cater to the needs of the North American market, Honda set up the American Honda Motor Company in Torrance, California. It is ironic that with Honda being a Japanese manufacturer, Civic vehicles are currently not marketed in Japan owing to issues with the width compliances of the country. The production ceased in 2010 for the Japanese market, although other markets including Canada and the United States still sell Civic cars.

Your Civic, like any other vehicle, relies on different systems to transport you to your intended destination. With the progression in the automotive industry, a few parts have been replaced with advanced parts. For example, one part that is almost no longer included in modern automobiles is the ignition distributor. The primary job of the distributor is to transmit the voltage from the ignition coil to the correct spark plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine. Bad distributors can cause your engine to struggle while starting, or emit a loud squealing noise. Knowing what the underlying issue is beforehand can save you from unnecessary stress and expense later. This is true of your distributor or any other auto part.

You will find no need to entertain any second thoughts when you fit your Honda Civic with replacement parts from us. All our parts are meticulously tested to meet the high standards of your Civic. In addition, you can also find parts for a wide range of signature, lesser-known and even short-lived models of makes including Honda, Ford, BMW and Nissan.