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Mini Cooper Parts


The Mini Cooper is a subcompact car that was originally produced in the 1960s. It returned to the market in the 2000s. Read on to see how the Cooper evolved from a racing car to one of the most successful models in the subcompact market! In its first phase, the Cooper was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). It was an immediate success but production came to a halt in the early 1970s in the United Kingdom.

The Mini was an economy car produced by BMC in 1959. Sir Alec Issigonis, a designer at BMC, and John Cooper, one of the co-founders of the Cooper Car Company and an auto-racing enthusiast, joined hands to produce versions of the Mini which they could race in events. This led to the release of the Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper in 1961. The success of these models led to the mass production of Cooper cars. A performance variant of the Cooper, the S, was launched in 1963.

After an extended break in production, the Mini started showing up on the roads again in the 2000s, when BMW started manufacturing the Cooper and the Cooper variant. The vehicle is designed with a hatchback or convertible body style. BMW is a German car giant that manufactures high-end luxury automobiles and markets them throughout the world. The origins of BMW can be traced back to 1916 and since then, it has grown into one of the world's established brands in the automotive industry. The Mini, which was once a series of cars rolled out by BMC, has now become a brand name of the line of small cars produced by BMW. The Mini Cooper, Clubman and Countryman are some of the important models under the Mini brand.

Though initially, the Cooper received criticism for its engine power, later models of the vehicle were built with better engine power and fuel economy. The Cooper's sleek appearance and the room it offers despite being a subcompact car are the biggest strengths of the vehicle. Suitable for small families, your Cooper can bring you a sense of pride when you drive it on the roads. With its excellent design, the Cooper doesn't disappoint in terms of handling and steering. Cars that allow for customization to a large extent are highly appreciated by customers today. The Cooper is one such car that provides a range of customization options, making it one of the most preferred vehicles among car aficionados.

The first-rate steering experience of your Cooper is due to its underlying steering components. As you turn your steering wheel, the wheels of your car respond accordingly. Various components such as the steering column, rack and pinion, and pump are involved in turning the wheels of a vehicle. The Cooper's ability to take sharp turns with apparent ease is an indication of the vehicle's intuitive handling. The power required to keep your vehicle running is derived from the engine. The power generated by the engine is controlled by the air-to-fuel ratio in the fuel mixture. Even though most engines can generate an adequate output, its efficiency can be increased through the inclusion of a turbocharger or supercharger.

Your Mini Cooper can be fitted with a turbocharger or a supercharger to provide superior efficiency and speed to your vehicle. While replacing an auto part, it is often recommended that you check the associated parts as well, and replace them, if required. For a turbocharger, the turbo gasket, electronic actuator and oil feed lines are some parts that help it perform to the optimum. Another important part of your car is the shock absorber or strut which absorbs the vibrations caused due to the bumps and other irregularities in the roads. Any car part needs to be confined to its position inside the car, for that part to function efficiently. Some parts are bolted to the vehicle's frame itself, while some are bolted on to mounts to keep them in position. A shock or strut relies on a mount to further secure the part to the frame. Whether it is a mount or its holding part, you can find them here at Buy Auto Parts!

Apart from regular maintenance, whenever you feel any of your Mini Cooper's parts need an overhaul, do not wait until the eleventh hour to call your mechanic. Auto repairs are something which need to be addressed as soon as possible. With our replacement auto parts, you will have no reason to worry about the parts breaking down before their time. Your feedback on our services is welcome! For auto repair and maintenance procedures, please refer to our how-to section. We hope you find them useful and informative!