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Nissan Murano Parts

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We ship from multiple warehouses across the country, so you get your part as soon as possible.
Industry Leading Warranty
Free, one year (or more), unlimited mileage warranty. Covers everything; parts and shipping costs.
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Return for any reason within 60 days for a full refund.
guaranteed exact fit
We've reviewed over 1,000,000 fitments to guarantee exact fit.

Nissan Murano Parts


Buying replacement auto parts is quite easy these days as they can be purchased online from your home or office. With this simple and seamless procedure, you can place your order for replacement auto parts within minutes at! You do not have to put up with a faulty part for long when you can find quality replacements from us! Defective auto parts can be annoying, and sometimes even put you in dangerous situations. We are here to help you with restoring your Murano to good, working condition.

The Nissan Murano falls under the mid-size category of vehicles. Interestingly, the vehicle is named for the sculptured glass manufactured in Murano. The famous glass served as a touchstone for the design of the vehicle. Murano is a series of islands located in northern Italy. The Murano, which was released in December 2002 as a 2003 model, marked Nissan's first crossover SUV in the US market. The international debut of the model was during the 2002 New York International Auto Show that is usually held in Manhattan's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. After the Murano, the Rogue was introduced in 2008 to add to the line-up of Nissan's crossover SUVs in the US market.

A short-lived version of the Nissan, the CrossCabriolet was launched in a 2-door convertible body style in 2010, with the sales ending in 2014. Except for this variant, the standard Muranos come with a 4-door SUV body style. The Murano either comes with a six-cylinder V engine or an inline-four engine in all its three generations. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) was the only option available for the first generation Murano with an additional 6-speed automatic transmission added from the next generation. First generation Murano’s are built on the Nissan FF-L platform with the successive generations built on the Nissan D platform.

The Murano is now widely regarded as a pleasant SUV with versatile features, making it a perfect choice for customers looking for an SUV with both stylish and upscale features, and decent gas mileage. Nissan, started in 1933, is one of the high-standing manufacturers of automobiles. Based in Japan, Nissan cars were known by the name “Datsun” in the past. Nissan also owns Infiniti, a brand dedicated to offering high-end luxury automobiles. Notable models of Nissan include the Murano, Fairlady, Sentra and Titan. Being an international brand, Nissan never fails to cut the mustard in the current market. Nissan is also one of the early adapters of electric vehicles in its range of automobiles.

An important part in your Murano is the wheels, which spin to move the vehicle forward or backward. The wheel hub is the part that actually connects the wheels to the vehicle. With a faulty wheel hub, the car's wheels can become loose and shaky. Since ABS sensors are usually included in the wheel hubs, faulty wheel hubs are usually indicated by the ABS warning light in your car's dashboard. Some of the audible symptoms of a faulty wheel hub assembly include a low growling or humming noise.

Another important part related to the wheels is the control arm. The control arm is connected to the wheel hub via the ball joints and to the vehicle's frame via the control arm bushings. Faulty control arms can cause a lot of trouble in the steering performance. Symptoms of a defective control arm are a shaky steering wheel which can be very obvious at high speeds, uneven tire wear and changes in the alignment of wheels. When the control arm bushings go bad, it can cause the steering to feel imprecise and shaky while rounding corners. Bent control arms or worn-out bushings can also cause the steering wheel to vibrate when the brakes are applied. If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, do not delay in giving your vehicle's wheels a thorough examination.

While a trustworthy repair shop is vital for every motorist, if you are a DIYer, you can fix many parts on your own. Whether you are a DIYer or a person who relies on a mechanic, a little knowledge about auto parts can come in handy when you face issues while driving. Knowing about auto parts and knowing what their repairs can entail will help you be on the same page as your mechanic. This will result in a quicker understanding of the situation and can help narrow down the issues associated with the failed part. We have a number of auto parts maintenance and repair articles written in our how-to section. We hope you will find them of value!