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Your 2001 Nissan Sentra has been your trusty, reliable vehicle for the past 14 years and it has been through two accidents. The first one happened when you let your brother borrow it and he crashed it into the back of a truck but luckily no one was injured expect for the front end of your Nissan Sentra. After that accident many parts had to get replaced. The second accident was a few years later and because you did not learn from the first accident you let your brother, the same one who had crashed your Sentra before, borrow your car once again. This time he crashed it into the back of a motorcycle that was waiting at a light. But not to worry for no humans were injured only the bumper of your Nissan Sentra. Now your beloved Sentra is facing another problem. It requires a new Nissan strut assembly because it is hanging low and you are feeling a lot of the road bumps. Let’s find out what your options are.

First, let us discuss the function of the Nissan strut. A strut is part of your Nissan’s suspension system. It is built to absorb compression to reduce heavy bouncing. Since it is absorbing compression it will also help reduce the feel of bumps when you are driving. Giving you a stable and comfortable ride free of excessive bouncing. You know your Sentra uses Nissan struts but some other cars use shock absorbers. Both parts have very similar functions and perform the same task. Your Nissan struts are combined with shock absorbers to strengthen the suspension system.

The first type of Nissan strut you could get is a McPherson strut. This type of Nissan strut is mainly in front suspension units. It is made of a spring and shock absorber combination. A ball joint structure is used to help the strut pivot downward to absorb the compression from the Nissan. The McPherson strut absorbs the entire load put on it by the vehicle and may be attached to the steering gears.

In gas lift Nissan struts they counterbalance raising and lifting doors. There are several shapes and sizes, along with compression rates available for this type of strut. Typically, a gas lift strut absorbs a 30 percent increase of the compression force and is paired up with the car pistons.

The last type of Nissan strut is the Nissan quick strut. This Nissan strut is probably going to be your best bet for your replacing your Nissan strut assembly. This is because the Nissan quick strut comes with all the components of a Nissan strut assembly in one. It comes ready-to-install in a single, fully assembled unit so installation is easy and it saves times as well since each individual component does not need to be taken apart and replaced.

You can count on us for all your Nissan shocks and struts. We have many different options for you to choose from so you can get your Nissan Sentra up and running again. Make sure to contact us for the best deals on a Nissan strut assembly!