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It’s been a long trip for you in your Toyota Corolla. You have been on a cross-country trip from New York to California for your new job. You have encountered many good and bad roads along the way, you have even gotten stuck in some sand dunes in Utah along the way. But you luckily made it safely to your new home in San Diego. Your poor Toyota Corolla though has been through a lot on this trip and you know it is time to take it to a mechanic since you have noticed it has been functioning like it used to before the trip. After the mechanic takes a look at it he tells you that you are going to need a new Toyota strut assembly because your Toyota struts are leaking oil. Let’s find out what a Toyota strut assembly is.

The Toyota strut assembly is located in the front or rear of your Corolla. The Toyota strut is what holds up the body and frame of your Toyota above the wheels. All the weight of the car is being rested on your Toyota strut assembly, which then transfers the weight to the wheels. Toyota struts usually come with at least two components, a shock absorber and a spring. Some may have a third component known as the swivel mount.

Let’s take a closer look at the components inside your Toyota strut. The spring suspends the weight of your car, which allows the wheels to travel up and down on the road without causing the body of your car to bump up and down when you encounter a bump on the road. But since a spring on its own causes the body of your Toyota to move up and down until it finds its equilibrium it needs shock absorbers to minimize this up and down effect. The shock absorbers inside the Toyota strut assembly are going to absorb the shock of road bumps before it reaches the body of the car. Instead of all the force of a bump being transmitted to the frame of the car due to the spring, the shock absorbers take up the force. The force that does make it to the body of the Toyota then gets absorbed by the shock absorber when the car comes back down. This causes a smooth ride for you free of excessive up and down movements.

The best option for you to install would be a Toyota quick strut. The quick strut is convenient because it is easy to install so your mechanic can get your Corolla back to you as fast as possible. The Toyota quick strut is going to include all the components required to replace your Toyota struts in a single, fully assembled unit. It will include a pre-assembled bearing plate; upper and lower spring isolators, upper spring seat, coil spring, boot kit, and the strut. This design saves time by eliminating having to disassemble components and compress the coil spring.

So whether you need the Toyota quick strut or just want to get a replacement Toyota strut assembly we are here to help you with all your Toyota strut needs! Contact us today so we can get you set up with the proper Toyota shocks and struts that you need.