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DURALO PARTS is an official distributor of Duralo automobile parts. Duralo is an American auto parts manufacturer of steering, suspension and brake components. Its headquarters is located in California. Duralo has recently selected as one of their premium distribution partners. The company aims to provide an unmatched level of premium quality with every part they make. They pride themselves on their advanced manufacturing techniques and quality assurance. With Duralo auto parts, you will receive premium parts at competitive prices. All Duralo parts come with at least an one-year warranty.

A suspension mechanism in a car absorbs the vibrations or wobbles caused in the vehicle, when it rides over bumps or other road irregularities. In addition to dampening the vibrations, the suspension system withstands the heavy weight of the automobile. The range of Duralo's suspension parts includes coilover kits, shock absorbers, strut assemblies and air springs. The coilover comprises a shock absorber wound around by a coil spring. The purpose of the coil spring and shock absorber combination is to limit the movements caused in the vehicle due to the car's motion. Duralo's coilover kits provide incredible stability, reliability and ride height adjustment capability. All the suspension parts manufactured by Duralo meet or exceed industry standards. Duralo puts in a lot of effort in delivering superior-quality, high-performance suspension parts that provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

A steering system directs the wheels of the automobile to turn in the appropriate direction, in response to the rotation of the steering wheel. Modern automobiles include power steering systems that allow the driver to steer the car with a minimal effort on the steering wheel. The line of steering components manufactured by the brand includes steering racks, steering gear box and steering pumps. Duralo's steering parts are designed to exceed industry standards.


The driveline includes various parts that transmit the power generated by the engine to the transmission. It includes all the components of the powertrain excluding the engine and transmission. The configuration of the driveline changes for front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive automobiles. Duralo offers front axles, rear axles and wheel hub assemblies for driveline systems. All Duralo driveline components are carefully tested for quality and performance, before they are released for commercial use. They improve the fuel economy and efficiency of the overall car system. As with all parts of the automobile, driveline components need to be designed with the highest precision. Duralo ensures the precise dimensions of their driveline parts. The company understands the demands and needs of the present automotive market. With an excellent team of professionals, Duralo manufactures a wide range of automotive parts for every car make and model.


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