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FLOWMASTER PARTS sells Flowmaster Parts and accessories at unbeatable prices. Flowmaster is an American brand that designs, manufactures and distributes performance exhaust products for sub-compact cars, SUVs, turbo-diesel trucks and pick-up trucks of various makes and models. The company produces a range of catalytic converters, street mufflers, exhaust headers and race mufflers. Flowmaster was founded in 1983 in Kenwood, California by Ray Flugger. The company's headquarters are in two locations in California: Santa Rosa and Sacramento. In 2010, Flowmaster was purchased by the B&M Group of companies which also includes B&M Racing, Hurst Shifters and Hurst Driveline Conversions.


Flowmaster had a humble beginning, developing a sprint car exhaust system that reduced the noise in the exhaust system, without affecting its performance. The company has come a long way since then. Today, the company has emerged as a chief player in the market for aftermarket performance parts. The brand perceives the demands of the automotive market and rolls out components to meet the needs of the customers. The brand's research and development team’s endeavors to develop the best performance products have given the company a leading position in the performance product industry. Flowmaster adopts innovative techniques to construct their exhaust systems. The brand is well known for their chambered mufflers and laminar flow designs.


An exhaust system expels the by-products of the combustion process in the automobile's engine. The exhaust gases leave the engine after combustion. The passing out of the gases is accompanied by noises. Components such as mufflers are employed to bring down the level of the exhaust noise considerably. In an attempt to reduce these noises further and improve the overall efficiency of the exhaust systems, Flowmaster has developed a range of performance exhaust components.


Depending on the customers’ requirements, Flowmaster offers performance exhaust systems or kits under five different series: the Outlaw®, American Thunder®, American Thunder® Pro, dBX® and the Force ll. Each series generates a specific sound level ranging from mild to very aggressive. The exhaust systems are made of either aluminum or stainless steel. The range of street mufflers offered by Flowmaster includes the Super 10, 40, Super 44, Super 40 and 80 Series.

A catalytic converter is an emission control component that transforms the toxic substances in the exhaust into less toxic substances. Flowmaster manufactures a range of catalytic converters that meet the Federal, California and New York specifications. They are offered in both universal-fit and direct-fit categories. The exhaust header helps in decreasing the exhaust gases' back pressure, thereby improving the engine efficiency. Flowmaster's ceramic-coated, stainless-steel exhaust headers are designed to last longer than factory-fitted manifolds. The line of accessories rolled out by the brand includes ball flange kits, mandrel bends, resonators and exhaust tips.


Flowmaster's stainless-steel mufflers, exhaust systems and exhaust kits carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty, while aluminized-steel mufflers, exhaust systems, kits, exhaust tips and non-race exhaust accessories come with a Three-Year Limited Warranty. stocks Flowmaster exhaust parts and accessories at wholesale prices. It is easy to purchase a Flowmaster part on our site. Just select your choice of Flowmaster parts in our “Shop Flowmaster Parts” section. Feel free to contact our support-team for any clarifications.