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Remus is an Austrian brand that primarily manufactures performance exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles. The company was established in September, 1990. Its headquarters are in Barnbach, Austria. With a humble beginning as a firm with five employees, the company has now emerged as an integral player in the automotive performance industry with more than 600 employees and supplying parts to over 60 countries globally. The eventual, remarkable growth of the company is because of Remus' commitment towards delivering the best aftermarket performance to the industry. The company's exhaust systems are offered for makes including Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen.


The exhaust system in an automobile aids in transferring the exhaust gases from the engine to the atmosphere. The exhaust system includes components such as to optimize the overall efficiency of the system. When exhaust gases leave the engine, they are accompanied by a noise which is dampened by the mufflers in the exhaust system. The catalytic converters convert the toxic substances in the exhaust into less-toxic substances, thereby helping in environmental sustainability. The primary concept of performance exhaust systems is that the faster the exhaust gases leave the engine, the lesser will be the back pressure. The design of performance exhaust mechanisms and standard systems vary. Performance systems employ wider tailpipes for the exhaust to flow without restrictions, thereby reducing the back pressure.


Remus incorporates unique features in its exhaust systems to beat the performances of standard exhaust mechanisms available in the market. The brand's exhaust systems are made of stainless steel to prevent them from wearing out easily by withstanding high temperatures. In addition, their exhaust mechanisms are polished and chromed thoroughly to make them last longer. The brand also manufactures mufflers, PowerSound tuning systems and catback systems. Remus' PowerSound system offers a better tuning experience based on the needs of the automobiles. The company's mufflers provide a quieter ride by absorbing the exhaust noise.

Remus manufactures parts that are specific for applications and hence customers don't have to be concerned about the exact fit during installation. Installing Remus parts into your vehicle will give you a sporty feel while ensuring the best performance. You can make your purchase by selecting the correct part in the dropdown menu of our “Shop Remus Parts” section. Once you enter the part and model number, we will get you the appropriate top-quality Remus exhaust at the lowest prices. If you want to let us know your views on our car parts and services, please leave an online review.


For any assistance, call one of our auto professionals who will aid you in your purchase. You can also drop an e-mail to us and we will reply to you at the earliest. Please have a look at our warranty and shipping specifications for more information. We provide special discounts on our auto parts occasionally. Visit us regularly to avail the latest offers and discounts on our auto parts. Taking care of our customers is our top-most priority.